September 22, 2005

The Children Minstrels of England

Once upon a time, there lived four brothers and sisters who lived in merry old England at the time when King Richard the Lion-Heart was away on the Crusades. In his absence, his brother Prince John was taxing the people heavily, and making their lives miserable. Prince John even took some lands belonging to those loyal to the King and gave them to his own followers. Among the loyal men so displaced was one Robert of Locksley, who became known as Robin Hood of Sherwood Forest.

The four children I will tell of were sons and daughters of a certain Sir Gallant and his wife Lady Alivea. The children were Edward, who was fourteen, Clara, who was twelve, and the twins Scot and Lilly, who were eight. Sir Gallant had gone to the Crusades with King Richard, and now, this third summer after their departure, the children were homeless and motherless. Lady Alivea had died just two months before from an unknown disease and Prince John had almost immediately confiscated their home. Finding themselves alone and penniless, Edward decided that they would be minstrels and travel from here to there singing for their living. And so they became know as The Children Minstrels of England.

Author's Note: This is a prologue I wrote some time ago for a story that I may or may not write someday. I think it's rough around the edges; however the gist of the story is there.