This suffering, ever eternal

This suffering, ever eternal.

You act as though my wounds will heal,
As if the world is calm.
You act as though it doesn't matter,
As if I'll always be calm.

It was always you who I listened to,
It was always you who I loved.
Whether or not you knew, it doesn't matter --
I was always pushed and shoved.

The wound was always deepened,
My pain forever worsened.
My love for you, always betrayed,
And I always wondered whether there was an end.

What makes you think it doesn't matter?
What makes you think I never cared?
I always fought what you hated,
I always fought what you feared.

Or was I over-reaching?

I always loved you, even if I told myself to stop.
It was always you that mattered, even if it wasn't true love.
But for you to betray me, why wasn't it a surprise?
I was always being shoved.

Pain causes wounds,
And woulnds never heal.
This suffering, ever eternal,
This suffering will never peel.

You acted like it was my fault --
As if my love was nonexistant.
He betrayed you more than ever,
You know, just going back -- you can't.

I cared, whether you knew it or not.
I cared, whether you cared or not.
I loved you, whether you felt it or not.
I loved you, but now not.

Wounds never heal,
Pain never fades.
My soul is forever shattered,
Each minute passing like days.

This suffering, ever eternal.