Sold at a Vampire Flea Market

May 24th, midnight


On my way home from work again, walking swiftly with my head up, like they tell us young girls to do. Stay confident and no one will think to prey on you. I hate working this late. Then again I'd rather work now than in the day time, there are less people around. It's getting hard to put up with people.

I've worked over time four nights this week, I've taken on an extra shift. I now work Thursdays a well as Mondays, Tuesdays and Saturdays. I'm saving up cash so I can get out of this dump of a town. It's a pale imitation of a city centre, with its Wallmart and its overcrowded speed ways, but no real job prospects or even a university in the near by radius. My town, ironically enough, is called Jade Rock. It sounds pretty, but toxic waste gets dumped in our river. I'm only sixteen, so all these extra shifts aren't helping to get out of this town as fast as I'd like.

As I round the corner I take a cigarette out of the deck in my bag and light it up. Post work cigarettes are great. I drag in deep and walk a little faster. School again tomorrow. Joy. I've got English with my favourite teacher, the one who always manages to provoke me even when I'm in a good mood. "So what's your opinion Miss Smith? I'm pretty sure I'm right again with this but it would be very interesting to hear what you've got to say on this your opinions are always so 'unusual'." In otherwise he thinks I'm a stupid druggy bitch on a permanent bad trip. "My opinion is, fuck you, you're full of shit and I hope you get impaled. In fact I may even do it myself." I should say that on the last day of school. What can he do, suspend me?

I get further towards home. It's a bit deserted down here, there aren't any street lights for a while. I like this part. Sure somebody could attack me, but otherwise it's almost like I'm out hunting. I walk as silently as I can. I wonder if I could pull off a break and enter. Nobody is awake at this time of night, least no one sane. Hence me walking home from work right now. I finish the cigarette and butt it out on the ground.

"You shouldn't smoke you know, it's bad for you." I turn sideways and see a tall guy with dark hair and eyes. His eyebrows are big and bushy, giving him a scary look.
"No shit," I reply, all bravado despite my heart thumping faster each second. I don't trust this guy at all.
"It's not safe for little girls. I'll drive you away from here now, come with me."
"I don't think so." My instincts kick in and my legs work on their own. I hear foot steps gaining on mine. His arms are around me, squeezing me so hard I can't breathe properly.
"You didn't really have a choice, see you're coming with me whether you like it or not."
"Why?" I gasp. Jesus this has gotten really scary.
"Because somebody put out a special order for you, that's why."
"Special order. What the-" I ditch the talking and start screaming. I barely get up an octave before he covers my mouth with his hand.
"Yes, you're to be the highest price this year. Sebastian is going to buy you. He wishes to have you at the market though, even if you are reserved. He likes it that way." Market? Is he talking about some kind of sex slave market where they sell young girls? My feet leave the ground. I breathe raggedly through my nose. I'm going to die aren't I? Or be raped, I should have listened to people when they said don't walk home this late. Fuck I am in such deep shit right now! He uncovers my mouth.
"Don't scream," he says threateningly as he shoves me into the backseat of the car. He does up my seat belt. What like he's concerned for my welfare now?! He goes round to the front seat and gets in, then presses the central locking. I try the lock on my side but the child lock must be on too. Shit. This is not going to be a good night.
"Where the hell do you think you're taking me?" I shout.
"To the market. It starts in three hours. So I can't waste any time."
He speeds up the car. Something tells me this should be a four hour drive at least. He's definitely breaking the speed limit. But why should I care, I'm going to be sold at a fucking market! The panic hits really hits home and I start screaming for all I'm worth, hoping someone will hear.

3.00 am Sebastian

I wonder if that mutt will be here yet. It's Nicholas' birthday today. I hope he'll like the gift. Maybe a young girl will bring back who he really is. Nicholas the Unmerciful, these days he's more like Nicholas the pathetic. Feeding on drifters and saving people from being attacked in dark alleways. Nauseating. It really hurts to see my brother ill like that.

I still enjoy young blood, girls or boys, it doesn't matter to me. I feed on whoever I feel like at the time. I am a vampire, not a good samaritan after all. It's just my instincts, but Nicholas has stopped listening to them. I think this girl will bring out some emotion in him. She's feisty as well as pretty and still a virgin. Just the kind he used to love. Sweet little girls. Those were the good old days. Yes, what I'd give to have my brother by my side again in our reign of terror. I still have my nick name, Sebastian the Parasite. Not very glamorous, but it is true that I feed of whatever I can find. And I am prone to... using my friendships to the best of my ability as well. The market started early today. The stocks are low. All the usual stuff is being sold I notice as I stride through the stalls.

I head straight towards my favourite place. The female slaves. Girls and women from about fifteen to thirty all shoved into a cage. It's fantastic, the fear is palpable. Most vampires just come here and choose at the time, mostly based on looks. I go look at what's available on the catalogue, it's only available to those willing to pay ten grand or over, and most of the slaves here are from three to nine grand. I pick the most expensive one of all. I know it's extravagant but it's usually worth it. Good looking, virgin, smart and easy to pick up. I like to speak to the worker who will fetch my slave before he does so. I always give them a tip to make sure they get my prize back safe and sound. I also tell them if they have a taste, they die. I didn't really have to this year because an old friend just got a job fetching slaves. This year's choice slave isn't for me. I will pick up one of the cheap ones and grow tired of them within a week or so I suspect. It's only the prime ones that I keep for the whole year, until the next market. I even turned a couple of the loyal ones.

I look into the cage. Several of them look OK. I like the small blonde one. She's sitting against the bars, her cheeks tear stained, her wrists lacerated from where she's tried to struggle out of her bonds. My eyes widen, instantly snatched from the whimpering blonde. There she is. My special request. Crouched up in the corner, dark hair wild, electric green eyes a mixture of hate and distrust.

I ask the vendor how much the blonde one is.

"Four thousand, she's a nice docile one that."
"I'll take her, and the dark haired one in the corner is mine as well."
"Good choice, sir." He looks at me like he knows who I must be.
"Sebastian, see you're here to pick up your special delivery," Jones says in a low voice, suddenly behind me.
"Don't sneak up on me like that. Yes I was just buying a little treat for myself. The other is for my brother you see."
"Oh, a gift?"
"He should like it then, it's very pretty."
"Yes," I reply. "It will look better with a wash, I'm sure."
"How would you like to pay for that, sir?" the keeper asks me.
"Oh, cash," I say as I take out my wallet. There's thirty grand in there. Maybe I'm stupid carrying around so much but I know how to protect myself. Last week's deal is still keeping me well. I count out sixteen thousand and hand it over to him.
"Thank you," he says. He walks over to the cage and opens it. The slaves scream and squeal. I laugh. Stupid humans. He takes my slave by her bound wrists and leads her out of the cage. He's right she is docile. She stares at me with her watering blue eyes. Usually I like them with a bit of fight in them, but I think this time I just want to play a little with her before I feed. I'm very hungry. It's easier than catching my own prey and it's just once a year that I don't do it myself. It's kind of like ordering take out from a restaurant rather than cooking yourself.

"Come on, sweetheart." I say in my best frightening voice. She whimpers. I love it when they do that. "Look, would you take her back to my place. I'll be around in a couple of hours, I'm going to take my brother his present."
"Sure," he replies and hands me the keys to my car. He grabs the girl's shoulders and pulls her away towards his own car, which he keeps at the market for short deliveries. Now for the fun part.
"Your other slave, sir?" the attendant reminds me.
"Yes, I'll get her myself." I walk into the cage. Love this part.
The slaves scream and claw at me. I backhand a red haired girl across the face and she shrinks back in fear. I take the time to have a good look at a voluptuous brunette. I could go a few rounds with her.
"Hello, Anastacia," I say as I reach the corner. Her eyes narrow.
"Don't be showing any signs of disrespect young lady, I'm your master for the time being." I grab her arms and pull her roughly to her feet.
"You aren't my master," she spits.
"You're right I'm not really, you belong to my brother." I smack her across the back side hard. She shudders. "But until I hand you over you will obey me without question."