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Raina's Point of View

I slowly made my way down the dark street, not noticing the puddles my feet were landing in. The rain fell lightly on my head, but even the simple pleasure of the mist couldn't raise my spirits.

At the age of seven my parents divorced and moved to different states. My dad stayed in Washington with his mistress that was the entire cause of the divorce and my mother took me with her to New York. My mother, Hannah, was originally from New York. Once my parents split, we moved here and lived with my grandparents. Eventually my mom got a job in real estate and we moved into a little townhouse.

Now at the age of seventeen, my dad was remarried to his mistress. And, just a half hour prior, I found out my mom was getting remarried…


"Hi Mom!" I say looking towards a brown haired woman. She had long wavy hair with straight cut bangs. Her blue eyes flickered up to my face and smiled.

"Hi Raina. How's your day been? Do you want anything?" I looked around the little coffee shop, named Mary's Espresso after the woman who had owned the store for ten years. Glancing back at my mom, I noticed how casual she was dressed, which was unusual. Especially because she had left so early this morning.

"No thanks. Where did you go so early this morning? I was up at six and I didn't see you." I asked with curiosity in my voice. Her face flushed and a small smile appeared on her face. "What?" I question self-consciously.

"Well, you remember how I went to dinner with Erik last night?" My smile faltered for a second, before I plastered a fake smile on and nodded my head. "Um… Well… I didn't make it home afterwards. Actually, I asked you to meet me here for a reason." She stops talking and looks at me. I begin to get nervous. My mom had been dating Erik for two years now and I still wasn't used to him. I nod my head again, encouraging her to tell me her newest secret. "I'm just going to come out and say it. Erik proposed last night and I accepted. Isn't that great?" Her last question wasn't rhetorical at all, but almost asked in a pleading manner. My mom's eyes searched my face, but my smile never wavered. Though inside, I was screaming.

"Yea mom, that's great." I replied, not wanting to ruin her happiness, though she had destroyed mine. "But I gotta run, I'm meeting up with Natalie again. Have a good day. See you later."

"Oh okay honey. Well, talk to you soon. And Raina?" I glance up and look at her, "You should really invite Natalie over sometime. I would love to meet her. I mean, you guys have been friends for a year now, and I've never even seen her." The look of relief was evident on my mom's face that the sharing of her proposal had gone well.

"Sure Mom. I'll talk to her. Bye." I said walking away from the table into the

desolate world that was now my own world.

End of Flashback

I snicker at the thought of my mom meeting 'Natalie', at least who she thought to be Natalie. I walk the abandoned streets of New York, making my way to one of the few wooded areas. I flip the top of my messenger bag open and grab a little bottle of milk. Reaching farther in, I grasp a small plastic bowl and pull it also.

"Natalie?" I call softly call out. I whistle a little tune, waiting for her arrival. To my left a bush shakes a little and out comes a small cat. The cat, Natalie, has a long lean body. Her fur is a soft golden color with dark orange stripes. A tail, that seems almost impossibly long for such a small creature, flickers in the air as she makes her way to my side.

"Hi honey," I say as she rubs her head against my leg. Emerald eyes meet my light gray ones. "I brought you a treat today." I kneel down to set the bowl on the forest floor and carefully open the bottle of milk. I pour out an ample amount into the bowl and then plop down to stroke Natalie's beautiful fur. She eagerly makes her way to the bowl and begins to drink. Absentmindedly, I begin to pet her and talk as if she is listening.

"You're not going to believe it. My mom is getting re-married…" I trail on, telling Natalie all the things going on in my life. As I talk, Natalie stops her drinking and crawls onto my lap and begins to purr. In the shade of the trees, the rain cannot reach me. My spirits lift as I talk to the one creature on Earth who listens to me. Hours pass as I talk and as I lay on the grass I see the moon above me. With a sign of regret, I push myself up, waking Natalie from her peaceful slumber.

"Sorry Nat, but I have to go. I don't want my mom to worry. I'll be back soon though, with some tuna next time." I promise looking into her eyes. It's strange. Even in the darkness her eyes glowed green. Unexpected wisdom shone in those emerald eyes. With one last rub against my leg, Natalie took off into the denser woods. I wish I could just run away like that. Away from my commitments… My life… I quickly pick up the bowl and bottle and stick it in my bag. I pull out my cell phone, a gift from my father trying to make up to me for not being here. The screen reads searching for signal. Shit. If she tried to get a hold of me, I wouldn't receive her call. I start to make my way through the woods, back to my lonely existence, and into the rain…

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