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Chapter 2: Another 'Helping Hand'

I can hear laughter and chatter all round me. It doesn't surprise me in the least. Even though it was going on eleven, people were just coming out. A city that never sleeps. I continue my way through the streets avoiding people in my rush to get home. My moves begin to become automatic as I walk, my hands in the pockets of my zip-up hoodie, and my headphones playing music in my ear. I had just downloaded a new song by Damien Rice the night before and now it began to play. It's slow melody caught my attention and I began to listen to the lyrics.

Leave me out with the waste

This is not what I do

It's the wrong kind of place

To be thinking of you

A beautiful woman's voice was singing. Then a verse later a man joined into the singing.

And is that alright? Yeah?

Give my gun away when its loaded

That alright? Yea?

If you don't shoot it how am I suppose to hold it?

Too soon the song ended and a happy tune came on. But the up-beat tempo didn't appeal to my current mood. I quickly grabbed the music player and switched it back to the prior song. As the melody flowed, some of the tension I had been holding was released. The peace I felt surprised me. Once again the song ended swiftly and the next song was leaving me dissatisfied. I made a quick decision and make it play Nine Crimes repetitively. I lost myself to the music, forgetting my actions and forgetting the earlier conversation with my mom.

Eventually my walk came to an end. My body stopped moving abruptly and I was surprised to see I had made it home. The lights are still on… Good it means she wasn't worried. A light shone out of the single window that was in front of my house. The yellow gleam seemed to stretch out from the house in an attempt to reach the sidewalk, but failing to reach it all the way. I stood outside of the light and looked in curiously. Why is the light still on? She's usually in bed by now. Laughter flowed out from the slightly opened window. Both a male and a female voice. I shot another look into the window and to my horror saw not only my mother but her fiancée sitting in the living room.

My lifted spirits plummeted to the ground. The peaceful look on my face was long gone. Replacing the calm was creases that covered my forehead. In my head I could remember my mom telling me once, "Don't wrinkle your forehead like that. You'll have more wrinkles than I do!" I remember her telling me this is a joking matter. Maybe its true. I will have more wrinkles than her. The small spark that had been in my eyes was extinguished.

I continued to look in the window, unable to go inside. The laughter persisted, flowing from the crack in the window. I look at my mother and Erik sitting on the couch, her legs laying across his lap as she told a story, being animated with her hands. It must be a funny story. Look at how they are laughing… Every couple of minutes more laughter would erupt from them, the happiness just rolling off.

Suddenly, the mood changes in the room. Erik grabbed my mother's hand and pulled it up to his lips, softly kissing her palm. His black hair slightly covered his brown eyes as he gazed lovingly into Hannah's. Hannah wasn't my mother right now. She was just a woman. A slight blush crept onto her cheeks as Erik spoke. He pulled her to him and kissed her on the cheeks, slowly pulling her lips to his, their mouths moving as one.

"Leave me out with the waste," I sang softly to myself. I look away, not wanting to intrude on them anymore.

I quietly open the door and slip in through, closing the door with a click. The click wasn't loud but somehow my mom still heard it.

"Is that you Raina?" my mother calls from the living room.

I sigh slightly and call back, "Yes Mom, but I'm going up to my room."

"Could you come here please?" I take my shoes off and set them down by the door. Walking towards my newest hell. As I walk through the door to the living room, my mom and Erik stand up quickly, not showing any signs of touching. "You're not a teenager, no reason to look guilty." I said in a sour voice. But, instead of getting angry, my mom only laughed.

"We just didn't want you to feel uncomfortable honey. Thats all." Mom said laughingly. My face never changed from the blank expression. Discouraged my mom continued to speak, "Erik and I have been talking about the wedding tonight, and have decided on our honeymoon. We're going to go to the Caribbean, isn't that exciting?"

"Sure Mom, thats great." I replied showing nothing in my eyes. More happiness died out of her eyes. "And what am I suppose to be doing as you are off enjoying yourself?" the accusation in my voice was unmistakable. Her eyes widened in surprise at how accusing my voice was.

"I... I didn't really think about it. Of course you could come with us." She rushed into saying, looking at Erik for reassurance. The light in his eyes dimmed but he continued to smile and nodded his head in response.

"Why would I want to do that?" I replied with more venom than usual. I don't know why I'm getting so angry. All the anger I had, with not only my mom's new engagement but also my father's remarriage, was coming out completely directed at her. Yet, for some reason I couldn't stop my rude remarks. "You're going to choose him over me!" I yell at Hannah my biggest fear. But before she could reply, I run out of the room, up the stairs and into the second door on the right. Slamming my door shut, I lock it and turn on my radio. I hear my mom knock on the door but I only ignore it. I flip onto my bed, pulling the pillow over my head, tuning out the knocking on my door. Silent tears descend down my face as I shut my eyes and pretend not to exist. Slowly, sleep comes and too soon I am awakened by the sun...

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