My heart is beating like a race horse's gallop. Thump, thump, thump… is all I can hear in my ears. I crawl up into a corner with the 10 mm pistol shaking between my fingers. I sit in mucky attic waiting for something to happen, but nothing does. The window outside shows the horror of tonight savage riot – the uproar that I had created. The blood fills the streets like a river; draining into the sewer gates like it was water. People walk the streets as if bodies weren't piled up besides them. One man is even leading on a body like it is a wall. He's smiling and laughing. I grimace at the scene. Not because he was so happy, but because he was my father. The man with the cozy brown hair and the warm blue eyes was now a monster that would kill me in a second. I sigh and slowly let down the curtain that revealed my horrible secret. My thin lips turn into a frown as I tried to keep my mind from wandering into the now forbidden memories. I sighed and closed my eyes – trying to rid his face from my brain. Erasing every word he has whispered into my gullible ears. A single tear ran down my face and a whimper escaped from my jaw. I was alone because I had trusted it. Waves of tears fell from eyes and memories came flooding back. My cry for help fell from my mouth and I tried to contain myself. If they heard me, they would surely come and murder me. Clunk, clunk, clunk…I am pretty sure the noise is my heart, but I lift the curtains anyways. A man is standing on the doorsteps. My heart thumps wildly. He must have heard my cries. My mind starts to race and I feel my soul disconnect from my body. I am alone. Even my conscious has deserted me in my time of need – just like I had deserted my friends and family in theirs. Karma was a bitch.


I had watched as foreign creatures inserted themselves into the girl. As she screamed; pleading for the end as they tore into her skull and slithered into her body. And now that everybody else was dead, it was my turn to scream and wither away as monsters slurped my brains and left my body to rot on the side of the road. I practically died as I heard the banging of the door. I knew he knew I was there. I heard him cursing at the door.

"Please!" The man cried, "Let me in! Let me in now, damn it! Let me in you hypocritical swine!" His fisted banged against the door. His screams filled the air and I covered my ears. I waited for the man's shrieks of horror to filled the air. I heard the bashing and…BAM!