Warning excessive use of swears!

Tale of a broken heart.

Put my heart in a fucking blender

Sit there and watch it bleed,

Watch me writher on the floor

And you laugh at me.

You sit there in a drunken stupor,

And you laugh at me,

How could I have been so fucking stupid?

Should have known you couldn't love me.

How could I be so goddamned stupid?

How could I be so fucking naive?

How could I be so damn dumb?

To even think that you loved me?

All I did was try,

And now all I can do is fucking cry!

I'm so sick of this shit everyday,

You know what? Just go away!

Take my heart out of my chest

There is no pain

Sitting their crying why? There's nothing to gain!

I watch it all go down the drain.

Cut my wrists

Watch the blood as it goes down the drain,

No need to feel,

No need to care,

No fucking need for anything.


Because that's the tale of a broken heart.