Psychedelic screen trips
Uploading to my mind
Systematic theme switch
Outmodedly defined

Data transfer
Every answer
Eating through my head
Mac panthers
DRM tamperers
Turning my eyes red
What's left to be said

I think my RAM just might overload
If the ROM doesn't go out first
Just how much can one man know?
Before it's knowledge for the worse

Conflicted interests
Disorganized dissidence
Which propaganda makes most sense?
Just wherein lies the difference?

Maybe I'm just overstating
My investment, contemplating
Everything I've seen
And what it doesn't mean

These pixels fire synapses
How these thoughts are my own
Proving my hypotheses
The joke bought to atone

Here's our human subjective shared conscious
Here's our advertising-news-porn concoction
Here's your subsubsubsubculture obnoxious
Here's humanity divulging without caution
Here's every single one of us, bought and sold at auction
Here's our internet

And I might die of overstimulation
I can't find my shattered concentration
I sign my own silent condemnation
Through my confined chosen dedication
To this bandwidth's tempting trepidation
This endless internet