The color of blood,
Hate that burns inside.
Love, passion, A driving force.
On and on burns that fire,
that blast furnace, that infernal internal heat.
Everlasting it seems, the furnace, the heat, the love.
On it burns, until death, another color.
Black, darkness, emptyness consuming.
Darkness, frightening light.
Green with envy is the rich one,
wondering how the peasant is so happy.
Blue a color of sadness, calm.
Putting out the internal flame, quenching thirst.
Words, poetry, my toolbox, pallette.
Your mind is my canvas, your imagination my easel.
On I draw, the colors of the world.
Over and over I draw, clearing the canvas and drawing again.
A world of terror, love, lust, hate, and many other emotions..
A blur of color between the lines.