Last Angel

Heaven's waiting for you.
We know it's not her.
Imperfect, as mortals are;
give in, it's impossible.

Every step she takes, you love
her more; angelic in your eyes.
Her list is marked up by no angel;
the horns are hidden somewhere.

Haven't you see what we perceive?
Clear the smudges from your glass.
Look around, you're the only one
who thinks she's perfect.

Compare, here let me show.
warm—cold as Hell;
common sense—senseless.

So tell me, who's losing?
Could you really place yourself there?
She's no wings, and you know it.
You raise her, not the other way.

God created angels and humans,
and you were the stowaway.
She can't go back in your place,
the Gates won't open as for you.

Angel of mine, when you go,
don't tell me what I'm not.
For you leave her guilty,
as the lies return and she's alone.

The last angel left for me,
but I'm told undeserving.
Heaven's waiting for you.
Don't let me hinder.