Relocating a hidden friendship

Piecing apart every peaceful thought

The beauty of such monstrosity

Breaking apart every boundary

Is this really what you think of me?


Believe the lies,

The truths won't show reality

Discuss, Trust, Tell, Regret.

You don't know much about me, yet

I'll speak my mind, waste my time

Because you won't say anything back.


Am I talking a little too quick?

Can you keep up with this rambling drunk,

I'll talk my tongue off and

Mumble until my throat is dry...

"What's wrong," you ask,

Do you really want to know?


Shocking concepts, long lost loves,

Will anyone ever love me, ever again?

Closing my eyes for all who are blind.

Closing my mind to all who misunderstand.

This is who I am.


I am who I am, please find out who

This is that keeps talking through my voice box,

Laughing with my lungs.

Who am I again?