:Victoria's Secret: Black Eyed Beauty

I walked alone on the empty street's of Brooklyn, my eyes blood shot from crying. The lab results came in on my mothers murder. It was my father who killed her. How could a husband do that to his wife? Even if she lied to him about having his baby. Yep that's right, apparently I am not my father's child. My mother must have had an affair of some sort. I paid for this load of bull with the money I have been saving up since I was 6, 2 years before I got dumped off by my druggie of a mother after Dad left on a business trip. Apparently she was too worried by then that she would get caught by my father. You know that I am not his real daughter, and she knew I was the only proof. She may be my mother, but I have a right to want to bring her back to life, just so I could kill her myself. I loved my dad, me and him had a special bond. Don't get me wrong I would go with him right now and get out of the orphanage and live with him. But see he's dead also. The coroner reportedly stated that he died in a car crash, he was slightly drunk when he killed her. Yes he killed my mother. He was on his way to pick me up, and died in the car crash. I saw his death reported in the News paper, decided this was what I wanted to spend my life savings on. Now I think I should have bought a radio or a car instead don't you?

I'm Victoria. Victoria what I have no idea. I've been in and out of homes, switched to different guardians for 6 years and so many times that I forget. I am 16 years old.

That's right, I thought to myself,

Only 2 more years and I am out of this place. I told myself. The bloodshot in my eye's must be down to a regular glassy look by now I also thought.

"Well, well, well. What's a pretty little thing like yourself walking around at a time like this, alone no doubt."

" Ignoring trash like you. Look buddy why don't you go back to the bar you came from and see if any sorry drunken girl well take you home after you get a few more scotches in her, I think she well be less of a struggle then I would be." I said, not even looking back at the tall figure that came out of the shadows.

"Well what's the fun in that?"

"Lets see not going to jail and oh yeah not getting your ass kicked."

"Oh really? And who do you suggest will 'Kick my ass' as you say?"

"Me. Your probably so damn drunk all it well take is one fast punch, so for your own safety you'll leave me alone."

A figure appeared in front of me. Wow, that's some fast moves from a drunk guy.

"And if I don't?"

"Like I said I'll kick your ass."

I pushed past him. A street light a little further ahead. I walked a little faster getting right under it and then looking back for the man, there was no one. I turned around and almost screamed, he was right in front of me.

"Sorry darling, did I startle you?"

"No but your face could give anyone a fright, now move."

I tried to push past him again, but he held his ground.

"That's not something nice to say to someone planning on killing you."

"Oh really? And how do you expect to do that? By breathing on me more? Because your breath could send someone straight to hell."

I heard a chuckle in the distance of an alley.

"What too scared to come and fight your own battles? Come out buddy I can take both of you on."

A somewhat elder man walked out from the shadows. A shard of the street light only showing his face. He had black hair…and black eyes?

"New pet, Seamus?"

The man inquired. Pet?

"Oh yes, she's bit of a nasty one though, not as easy as the others, come on girly."

The man reached out to grab my arm, obviously trying to impress the man.

"Get. Your. FILTHY. Hands. AWAY. From me. I don't know where they have been."

"Now girly be nice or no treats for you."

The man grabbed my arm again after I pulled away the first time. I twisted my wrist, grabbing his and putting it behind his back, shoving him to the ground and stepping on the back of his head while holding him down.

"NEVER call me girly."

The man drop kicked me and I fell. The man got up and turned his head to the black eyed beauty.

"Well sir I guess you get to see a free show."

The Black Eyed Beauty leaned against the wall.

"Indeed I will."

The man walked towards me, his guard not even being up.

How stupid can he be? Well, I was still on the ground.

"tut, tut. A girl as pretty as yourself shouldn't resort to violence."

I brought my two feet up kicking him in the stomach. I dragged my hands to the back of my head and whipped myself from off of the ground like the Rock did in 'Walking Tall' you know, after the kid goes on crystal meth and the security guards down at the casino are the ones who sold it to them. Okay, so what if I watch to much TV, that's where I learned most of my fighting moves.

"Oh you got moves little one. No problem."

The man got up again and walked towards me,

Didn't he learn after the first time?

I went to punch him with my right and he grabbed my wrist, he squeezed hard. Too bad I've gotten used to pain. I went to punch him with my left but his other hand caught that wrist to.

"Ha, no more hands girly, oh what are you going to do?"

I smirked,

"I could say the same for you."

I leaned back and brought both my feet up into a crouch position, kicking him once again hard in the stomach. When he let go of my wrist giving me no support anymore I did a back hand spring off the ground. Gymnastics has its quirks.

I walked towards him, but not close enough that he could kick me down.

"I told you it would have been easier going to a bar and picking up a drunk chic."

"SEMUS! I gave you one girl to get and you cant even do that? Why do I even keep you around?"

"I'm, so sorry sir, this one is a tough one."

"She's merely a mortal. It should be easy."

I turned, there was a young man, early twenty's maybe? Making his way towards us. I backed up a bit to the side, so I could watch both of the men as I got in fighting stance.

"Get up! You give my business a bad name."


"What the hell are you two? Ransom kidnappers? Because I'll tell you right now I'm an orphan and I ain't worth jack." I said loudly, not backing down from my stance.

The new man ignored me and walked up to Black Eyed Beauty, bowed then shook his hand,

"Nice to see you again sir, I hope you well come by for our anniversary party next month. Maybe you would even find something you like.

The man nodded and shook his hand firmly,

"Maybe, my grandsons birthday is soon, he's turning 17, he wouldn't mind a new…pet."

Pet? As in roof, roof?

"Okay enough chatting, what kind of 'business' do you run?"

The man turned to me, his face looked like he was about to pull out a card and hand it to me.

"A pet business. We take in strays and give them homes."

I looked at him, his face was stone now and way over serious.

"Pet? As in dogs, cats, and goldfish?"

The man looked truly offended and disgusted.

"Heaven's no! Humans."

My face dropped, and I straightened up my form.

"What kind of sick person are you?"

At this point he was in front of me, I had developed an immunity of sorts it would seem.

"The kind you should be afraid of."