::Keary (Rafael's grandson)::

I sat there in an overly stuffed red chair, listening to old men banter on about the past fight. Sweaty humans fighting never did entertain me, well unless it was to the death. I threw a bored glance at the ring as the next two fighters came out, and my attention was finally caught. There, shacking hands with a bruit human, was a girl with almost translucent skin, shockingly crystal blue eyes, long white hair with a thick stripe of black going right up the middle. Her face stayed serious, her eyes gave nothing away, but the slight tick in her jaw as she looked up to her competitor did. She wasn't as calm as most will think, but instead she was carnivorous, she was ready for a few good fights. On the outside she looked human, but her smell, and the way she paid almost an unnatural amount of attention to her surroundings wasn't. When her back was turned to me was when I saw it. So this was the miracle child, with the most remarkable birth tattoo I had ever seen. I saw movement in the corner of my eye and they latched onto it. It was Death, the host of my party per say, he talked to her for a minute, before clapping her on the shoulder and departing from the ring, only to take a seat a few chairs away from me to watch the fight. When Victoria had stepped out onto the mat, it seemed as if everyone in the room had stopped to stare, wondering what the hell a pretty girl like that was doing in a mans fighting ring. This fight was suddenly the most interesting thing to happen tonight, and the fighting hadn't even started yet.

"Victoria vs. Rick Hamel. Weighing in at 252 lbs Rick has been fighting for 3 years. Weighing in at 149 lbs Victoria started fighting for Death at the beginning of this year. Place your bets at the booth."

Many men stood up to bet on Rick, snickering at the idea that a girl not even 150 pounds would win. A man also came around to us of elite status and asked if we wanted to bid. That was when I heard Deaths outrageous bet. Sure we all had the money to spend. But the odds against her…

"500,000 on Victoria."

The man taking the bets looked up at him, and silently nodded, not questioning him.

"Sir?" he asked me.

"3,000 on the girl."

I said, I knew I sounded as if I was asking him if I should, instead of telling him that I wanted to. I stared at the girl as she stretched and got ready for her first match. She didn't look nervous at all, she even looked quite pleased for some reason. I looked over at the boy, he on the other hand did look nervous. After everyone sat back into their seats, the announcer said one more thing before the fight would began with the ring of a bell.

"Rules: no pussy fights in this ring, suck up your tears. Any questions?"

"Yeah, I have one. Is the fight to the death?"

The boy became noticeably frightened.

"Stop it Vic, your going to make him piss his god damn pants and I'll be damned if I have to pay for a new pair. Stand up straight Hamel, your embarrassing me." Death said, a few men and waitresses/waiters laughed, looking at the boy Rick. Really he was built like a man, but when Victoria brought her lethal, predatory gaze on him he turned into the 3 year old he looked like at this moment, wanting to duck under the wires, run to his cage, crawl under his bed and hide for the rest of his natural born life.

Victoria smirked with apparent delight as Rick began to circle the ring with her. I suddenly didn't question whether I had just wasted my money or not.

:::Victoria's POV:::

I smirked at Death, and when the bell rang I continued to smirk, but turned my gaze to my competitor. I wanted this to go quick and clean. I get him down for 1 minute the fights mine and I get closer to winning. I kicked his ass before, I could do it again. I told myself later I could play with my food, but right now I just wanted to hurry.

With no second thoughts I ran, jumping toward him, claws first. I managed to get in a deadly swipe across the right side of his face before landing in a crouch vertically behind him. With a swift kick from me he landed on his back like a turtle. Leaning forward I gave him a quick jab in he stomach with my elbow. Booing and cheering rang threw my ears as I used his body to help myself up. And like the scum I considered him to be I stomped him in the gut one more time before walking to my corner of the ring, waiting for the referee to call the winner. But being a man he gave Rick an extra minute to get up, thinking he was dumb enough to do it. Really I felt bad for him, he knew he was going to face me some time or another but his first match? What sucky luck he had..

"Victoria, Winner!" The reff. stepped over Rick in order to take my hand and raise it over my head. After he placed a chain with the numbers 1:6 over my head. Meaning I had to win 6 more matches. I know I will be facing the five inhuman men, but I wondered who the other one would be. I jumped the ropes of the ring, landing right in front of the crowed. I glanced over them, looking for familiar faces, each man deathly quiet. My gaze locked on one kid. I stared into a face so well formed that I doubted even a Greek sculptor could do justice to it. He had raven black hair, pale, translucent skin, bright red lips, as if he had lipstick on. His eyes, his eyes were the same as Rafael's, ah this must be the birthday boy. I smirked as I noticed he had been looking at me too. I winked at him before taking a sharp turn to the side of the room where there were seats for the competitors. There would be 6 matches of Good fighters and winners from the not-so good before I could fight again, great. I turned up the volume on my headphones, watched and learned.


Four of us turned away as the fight ended, and the Miracle was declared the winner.

"She's quick." said Val

"But also light, easy to throw." reasoned Simon.

"Her minds to strong, we wont be able to manipulate her into losing." said Drake

"Well of course its strong. She's the god damn savior of her kind, and she's a shaman. I wont be surprised if we're the ones to get mind raped by her." I reminded them calmly.

"Yeah well, I'm still not sure on whether ill let her kick my ass or not, she's smoking for Were." Jack said, still standing by the door, sneaking peaks from behind the curtain.

We all laughed, mostly because we knew Jacks hormones would get the better of him in this game.

Me, I sat further away from the group, planning. With a smirk I anticipated fighting Victoria for the spot of winner. Her want and need for winning was strong, but was her strength enough to back it up?