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Title: Alice in Chains

Author: Melissa Norvell

Rating- T, may go into M

Genre- Horror/Romance/Angst/Psychological

Pairings- Heterosexual


Summary- What do you do when you owe a killer your life? For Yohru the outcome of all these is anything but good…(HETRO)



By: Melissa Norvell


'It's inevitable that while in life, humans will pay sacrifices and that there are always consequences for the things that they do. In my honest opinion, some need to die. Humans spend their life fearing death and when they die, regret life. The suicidal are even harder to explain than that.'A young woman thought to herself as she held up a vile of blood and examined it with lavender eyes. Her hair was pulled back in two low ponytails that consisted of three and a half inch cork screws of barely blue hair, tied with black, silk ribbons. Matching tendrils of curls adorned either side of her head and a black headband with white fur lining was tied under her chin. She appeared dainty and dressed in Gothic Lolita that mostly consisted of black-and-white coloration and a large, white apron with frilled edges.

Her reflections on the events that had happened recently in her life reeled through her head as her train of thoughts continued.

'I've recently moved into this quaint little town in a cozy shop that most would shutter at. It's a shop of oddities and things of that nature. Each of these items is designed to help those in trouble or those who have scorn for another. You could call them tools of revenge, but I don't choose to think of them in that manner. An object is what its owner makes of it. As an object, it will lay there and do nothing as a lifeless organ, but in the hand of those who chose to use it, it can be a weapon of mass genocide.


These items are so important that they have the power to alter fate and one's life itself. They are not mere trinkets or toys and those who purchase them do not pay money. They pay the ultimate sacrifice…one that is of equal or greater value to the wish they desire to fulfill and I'll be the first to warn anyone that nothing good comes of it but I will not try and warn them, oh no. This shop of execution and misfortune has its purpose and like all events in life- has meaning and a powerful message.

Its existence can be as little or as vastly known as one makes it out to be. I show no favoritism, I'll strike adealwith anyone so come in. I welcome you to sample what I have to offer. I'll sell you a tragedy at no cost.

As for employment, I usually work alone. This way no secrets can escape. It ruins a business to defame one's good name like that. I do have one assistant but how I got her to take the job is something that no one can comprehend.

I am not, nor do I claim to be the type for heroism or romanticism. Dying for love and wasting tears on past partners is very overrated. I would not usually save the life of anyone for I don't really care of they die or not but there was something about this child, Mine Yohru, that I saw that seemed to change my perspective on having more than one assistant. There was something about her- a feeling of ultimate inevitability that we would encounter each other. This feeling both disturbed and entertained me. New blood to my shop would be interesting…Let's just hope that she can handle my wicked and twisted scheme.'

To Be Continued…

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