The first angel.

You say I'm too young to be disappointed
but you know why I'm disappointed?
you don't.. So shut up and leave me alone.

I slept during the daytime
and I took a walk at night
I like to gaze at the sky
wondering if a angel'll come to me
and suddenly I met him close to me.

His face was full of scars
every scar has a story to tell
but nobody cares to listen to
we just keep our eyes open
and we don't see anything.

His hair was messy
his clothing was torn
and maybe he was hungry
'cause he didn't take his eyes away from the cake shop
in the showcase there were pancakes and other sweets.

You ask me if I feel lonely
but loneliness isn't a thing I can describe
that's why I write this... Maybe you'll read.. Me.

He checked his pocket and found a coin
he gave the coin to a girl
she was all dirty and sick
the world turned its back on her.

She pressed the coin against her chest
and bought a filled chocolate for her mother
... He smiled truly.

Beauty isn't always in the pretty things
when you cry so much until you have no tear anymore
the only option is... smile

And suddenly I meet you close to me

there aren't wings on your back

I just take your hand because you smile..