This is important. You can never forget what I'm about to tell you. It can happen to anyone, what happened to me. Yes, that means it can happen to you. It can happen to your friends, your family. Because, you see, they are everywhere. They set their eyes on a person, and they don't stop, not until they get what they want. If they set their eyes on you, you might as well accept it. Because they will find you. They will not stop. Don't go to the police. They are useless. The only person who can help you is me. And that means that only this book can help you.

You hear about the fact that health is everything. But don't listen. If you are healthy, there is more chance they will notice you. Stay unhealthy, eat bad foods. Never exercise. Believe me, I wish I had. My life would definitely be easier. I wouldn't be running, every day. I probably will for the rest of my life. We're alone. We're the only ones still alive. We've lost everything, because of these people.

This story will make you laugh. It may even make you cry. It depends how sensitive you are. Luckily for me, I'm not sensitive. Not after what they did to me. If I was, I would be broken, probably dead. The only feelings I have now are anger, pain and serious want for revenge. And you never know, I may get my revenge yet.

There are three main plants in the company. The Day, which is my name for it, ruined my life. It started at The Morning. No, I don't mean it started in the morning, I mean; the plant that first noticed me was The Morning.

Maybe I should explain, or the whole way through this book you will be sitting there, or lying there, or standing whichever one, thinking 'what the hell is he going on about?'.

Like I said, it all started with The Morning for me. It was the same for everyone else who has ever been caught up with this terrible company. They try flattery first, ask you politely if you would leave everything you have ever known and join them. Well, naturally, this doesn't really ever go down well at all with whomever they ask. Only somebody with a terrible life, the worst life that your mind can think off, would ever agree to The White Angels. And once they realised what these people were, they would wish that they hadn't agreed to it. They wish that they could have stayed living on the streets, staying at home with the abusive parents, stayed at school with the bullying teenagers.

After The White Angels, who were from The Morning, The Grey Hounds came out from The Noon. The Grey Hounds were hunters, fast and strong. They stalked you, all day. The Day had tons of them, situated everywhere in the world. The nice, kindly next-door neighbour? Could be a Grey Hound. Your least favourite teacher at school, with three chins? Could be a Grey Hound. The crazy old woman with the fifth-teen cats? Could be a Grey Hound. You see, there is at least one person in your town that is one of them. If they get their eyes on you, they send them. You seen the same person in the last five places you've been? Not a coincidence, they are most probably after you. And your best chance is to go with them, because you see out of the 34 people that were with me, there is only me and three others left. We all ran, in a big pack. That was our first mistake, showing the enemy that we had acknowledged them. Because then they sent The Dark Knights.

This may sound like some cheesy comic book, that's what I thought before, when I heard about this crazy company. But believe me, this is very much a true story. The Dark Knights come from The Night. The Night is the worst. Worse than The Morning. Worse than The Noon. The Dark Knights are trained assassins, they stop at nothing. Because once you know about The Day, they can't take any chances. You have only two options. A) You join them and become one of them. Or B): you die. There is one way to single out someone from The Day, and that is the logo. I can notice it from miles away; I have to be able to. A circle, split into three even parts. One with a sun, one with a foggy mist, and one with stars and a moon. Pretty? Nope, scariest thing in the world. They wear the logo around their necks when in their normal selves. The logo is on their uniforms when they wear it, which is only when they're hunting and out for blood.

If you ever see this around any ones neck, get out of there fast. Or, maybe it would be best to go slow, holding your side as if you are very un-fit, and out of breathe after three steps. Then they would dismiss you, as completely unusable. I wish I had, but you see nobody warned me, as I'm warning you. I am writing this to help you, to keep you aware of it all. Please, if you don't read this for you, read this for your friends, and warn them. Warn them that they could be after them. And warn yourself. My name is James Shore, and this is my story.