Chapter 1.

I guess that maybe I should start at the beginning. It all started at my school. There is only one thing you need to know about my school, and that is that it is a sport school. Never go to a sport school. Not if you value your life.

You see this is the best sport school in Britain. It is private, mind you, so you would not have heard of it. Royal Saint Catherine's School For The Special Sports Academic. Catchy. We called it RSCSFTSA for short, or just Royal Saint Bofflings, as me and my friends called it. I had a great big group of friends, all my age. There were about 11 people in each year at our school, and only 3 years. Yep, that adds up to 33, with one spare in the year below us. That's 34; you work out what I'm talking about. There were about 4 people in my groups, and I know what you're thinking, 4? That's your great big group of friends? Well, yes. And let me tell you, we were the biggest group in our year. We were effectively the rebels of Royal Saint Bofflings, and we were the only ones that weren't Bofflings.

My best friend was a girl. I know what you're thinking again, ohh! A girl! Fun fun fun. We had been best friends since we were like, 3. We were best friends, nothing more, definitely not anything less. Anyway, Christina Summer. That is her name. We always had trouble, because she was the one girl that any guy would fall over their own freaking shoelaces so go out with, and I had to be the one that every single guy came to, asking me how they could get a piece of my best friend. I guess you could say I was a little over protective, because I always told them were to stick their over hormonal dicks. And it was never anywhere nice, I can tell you that. But she was going out with Paul, who was also in our group. And Gemma, she was safely in the arms of some dude that she went to see every single freaking weekend. She normally brought him to Paul's little parties though, and I can tell you the guy was pretty awesome.

Anyway, it was I, Paul, Gemma and Chrissie sitting at the back of our science class, all on the same bench. We were seriously bored, and as a result, I began to chuck my rubber up and down, hitting the ceiling whenever I threw it up. The first time I did it, my teacher looked at me with a warning look. The second time the whole class turned to look at me. I smirked, before throwing it up a third time. My teacher exploded.

"JAMES SHORE! GET OUT OF MY CLASSROOM!" she shouted at me, her too long earrings jangling as she shook her head, outraged.

"You didn't even give me a warning though Miss." I told her in my best innocent voice. I heard Chrissie snort next to me, and I shot her a grin. Bad mistake, as my teacher walked over, stood right in front of me. That was the first time I noticed she was extremely tall.

"Young man, you are going to get up off your chair, you are going to get out of my classroom, you are going to walk to the door, and you are going to open it, go to the field, and run five hundred laps around it." She was trying hard to contain her anger, I could tell.

"Do you want me to crawl to the field Miss?" I asked her. Our whole table now burst into laughter.

"OUT! ALL OF YOU, OUT! YOU CAN ALL DO THE LAPS!" she yelled, her face turning red. I looked at my friends, shrugged and stood up. As I passed the table in front of us, I heard a girl on it giggle. I looked at her. She had long, black hair that was tied back into a little ponytail. Her eyes were emerald green, and they sparkled up at me. She was new, I was sure of it. I winked at her, and she went red, before flashing me a shy smile. I was still chuckling as I slammed the door behind me. Had to do it for dramatic effect, you know?

"Dude. That. Was. Awesome." Paul said to me, and I high fived him. Gemma giggled and I looked at her, grinning. She smiled at me.

"Well, no more listening to hippy woman talking about bones and whatever." Chrissie said from behind me. Hippy woman was what we called our science teacher, as she was always wearing long skirts, always orange and yellow, and always a bright blue t-shirt on top. She wore a long waistcoat, that didn't stop at her waist, but kept going down to her knee length brown boots. Not to mention the jewellery that she piled on, like the earrings I mentioned earlier.

"Yep, aren't I great to you?" I told her, grinning before pulling her into a huge bear hug, placing a sloppy kiss on her cheek.

"Eww! James! You slobbered on me!" I chuckled, and she sent me a death glare before running to her boyfriend. He grinned at her, pulling her into a weak hug. At first Christina and my closeness bothered Paul, but when he saw that we weren't going to let the fact that he didn't like it stop us from being close, he got used to it. I still have him shooting me weird looks now and then, but it's normal.

Once we got outside, I settled myself on the grass on the field, and everyone placed themselves around me. I guess I had always been the leader. Everyone always looked to me to sort out their problems.

"Well…I guess we should kinda do them laps then huh?" this was Gemma. I looked at her.

"Yeah, I guess." With a sigh I heaved myself up off the ground, and jogged on the spot for a bit. I looked around to see the others doing the same. After about a minute of jogging on the spot, I moved myself in between the two lines on the left of the track.

For the next two hours we ran, talking and laughing. Finally we did our 500 laps, and we all collapsed on the ground, breathing heavily. Chrissie and Paul we to my left, Gemma to my right. A shadow fell over us. I looked up to see the new girl, with the sparkling eyes. She was staring right at me.


"Hey. I'm Janie. I was wondering, how did you get so good at running?" she asked me, smiling a dazzling smile. She was shockingly gorgeous, and I found myself almost speechless as I stared at her. Almost. I had a reputation for attracting, well, any girl I wanted really (and, some that I didn't).

"Well, practice I guess." I told her, grinning at her. My smile, I knew from experience, had a huge effect on everyone. Except maybe Chrissie, because she'd seen me in my worst states. It worked. She blushed.

"Well, yeah. But where do you find the time to practice?" she asked me. This question used to make me feel tense, but now I just answered as simply as I could.

"At weekends, when most people are at home." I told her, expecting her to leave it there. She didn't.

"So…you don't go home at weekends? Why?" I felt Chrissie tense up next to me, knowing that I could blow any second. I kept my cool.

"I guess I'm not wanted." I told her, with a shrug.

"Well…I'm sorry about that but…I'm kinda glad that I wont be the only one here at weekends. I'll see you around." She smiled her smile again, and I grinned back at her. She blushed, again, making me feel pretty triumphant. I noticed the necklace that fell from inside her t-shirt, but didn't think anything of it. It was a circle of silver, split into three. That's all I saw, but now I know that circle like the back of my hand. Heck, I even have one.