Alexander Will

At first--
You liked what you saw about me
And then--
You liked what you heard about me

You gave me a shot and vice-versa
So excited to get a hit
And you promised yourself if you got
any signs of addiction, you would quit

You're swimming in my waters like the fishes
And now--
Here's the bait--I got you hooked like I'm fishing

Without me know, you would drown
in sorrows and forever be down
I keep you afloat so you won't sink
to floor and never be found

Don't put up a facade as if you're unaffected
And please--
Don't treat me like I'm a little infection

The great feeling I'm dealing you
goes straight to your heart
Nevermind the spots on your arm
Think of them as my passion marks

You still would stay if I wasn't free of purchase
And admit--
I smacked on your empty life a purpose

I am the object of your worship
Heated is the god you used to cry to
'Cause you're a heathen when you
cook me up and push me inside you

Others see our lovemaking as forbidden
And listen--
They say that your actions won't be forgiven

Sometimes you listen when they say that
you need to be rehabilitated
But to them you'll always be that fiend
who, with me, is affiliated

The more you take of me, the more I'll stick to you
And even--
If you get ill from me, I'll never get sick of you

Overdosing is the same as heaven
So you should never fear
As long as I'm here I can make your
shakes and screams magically disappear

At last--
Cold turkey was gobbled by that monkey on your back
And finally--
If you leave my love, you'll be running right back

With the pain gone, feel free to nod
Your dreams are secure for sure
You deserve the finer things in life
And I'm the finest of the pure