This is a story of a girl that never knew what was expected of her and she found that her life wasn't as bad as she made it ou

This is a story of a girl that never knew what was expected of her and she found that her life wasn't as bad as she made it out to be.

She sat at her house when the door bell rang. She got up from her window seat and went to see who it was. It was her best friend Michael. She smiled to him as he came into her home.

"What makes you come over here at the middle of a Saturday?" She asked and he threw her a book.

"I found this book. Thought you might like it. The man that I got it from said that if you read it that you would live the book. But I don't think he means literally. "He said and saw him walk to her kitchen and grab a drink. He took the water bottle and walked back to find her by the window seat.

"If that is all, she is up in her room. Try and keep it down." She said and the man ran up the stairs. She heard a door shut and screams. She sighed and opened the book to see what it really was about. When she started to read it she saw this black hole in the middle and she suddenly felt light. She closed her eyes waiting for what ever was happening to stop.

She felt land under her and she sat there slowly opening her eyes. When she looked she saw a field of what looked like rice. She found she was wet and cold. It looked like they had just set the river open to let water flow in. she stood up and saw several men around her. They saw her and she looked at them and then heard shouts.

She turned her head and looked to see a girl pointing at her. She then saw the men running to her. She quickly ran away. She found what looked like a road and ran as far as she could. While doing so she found men ridding horses. She looked at them and had to think fast. She grabbed a tree and took off in a different direction. When she saw forest she ran for that. She then realized that she didn't have shoes on. But that didn't stop her from running.

When she finally stopped, she found a house that looked like someone was living there. She went and winced as she went to knock on the door. When she got there she was about to knock when the door flew open. She looked inside and saw that it didn't match the out side. She walked in and found that it was like a mansion. She smiled and saw that there was a chair she could sit in.

She walked in and sat and slowly she started too drifted to sleep. She didn't know what it was but she fell asleep. When she was awoken she saw a man was looking after her.

"Who are you?" The man said and she looked at him weird.

"I don't know where I am? I fell. What is this place it's so different from where I am from?" She said and the man smiled.

"That's okay. I know you aren't from this world. Please try and stay calm. It has been foreseen that you would come. Please get some more rest. I will tend to your wounds." He said and left. She slipped back into sleep noticing that she was in a bed.

When he came back in he saw she was a sleep. He walked over to her and looked at her feet and saw that she had healed them herself. He smiled to himself and then left her a note.

He left the house to go and find the king. When he got to the castle he told them that he had the prophecy girl. He was instantly brought before the king. He bowed and waited for the king to start asking questions.

"You have the prophesy girl? Tell me where is she? What has happened to her?" He started to ask off.

"Please sir. She is scared. She doesn't hail from this land so she was chased by men. She took off on bare foot running threw my forest. She is merely scared. She is resting at my home. If you wish I shall bring her here tomorrow." He said and saw the king shake his head.

"No keep here there until I can come over. I shall show up around lunch time. Keep here there and keep her safe." He said and the man bowed and left. The king sat there and thought about the information he just received. He got up and went into a candle light room and looked at the painting. It was of a warier woman. He bowed at the picture and prayed.

When the man got back home he found that she was up and looking around. She smiled to the man and waved.

"Thank you for letting me staying here. I also wanted to know, how did you heal my wounds?" She asked and he smiled to her.

"If I told you, you wouldn't believe me. Please if you wish you may take a bath, I have some clothing that might fit you. I also want to tell you that the king will be coming over tomorrow. He is here to see you. He won't hurt you at all. He just wants to see where you came from and that you are not from the neighboring country." He said and saw her star at him and gap at him.

"What are you doing?" She asked and he smiled to her.

"Please don't worry he is a kind and gentle man. Why don't you think in over in a bath. I will show you where it is. Then I will get you some clothing. Please this way." He said and she fallowed him. She started to star into space as she found out that a king was coming to his house. She started to feel so little but what was she so worried about. She didn't mean much in her world why would she be so important here.

She was in the bath when the man walked in and told her that he clothing was on a bench attached to the wall. He then left and she looked around and wondered why he had such a big bath when he was home alone. He had a whole mansion and he lived there alone. She wondered if he ever found some one that he loved or could be with. She smiled when the thought of the king popped back into her head. She shook her head trying to get rid of him but no matter how much she tried he seemed to still pop in.

When she was done with her bath she started to wonder around. She found for a man by himself he had a variety of things. Armed men in their white suits and then swords that crossed each other. Then she walked into another room and found it looked more of a women room. She smiled and walked around then found a room that looked ready for a chilled. She then saddened at the thought that he probably had a family but something happened to them.

When she looked around and to other rooms they all seemed to be different. She looked and found a bed room that looked as if it was ready for some one to sleep in it. But then it looked to romantic, with the flowers and light candles. She shut the door and walked to another and found chains and other sexual objects. Just like the other one she shut it and went on to the next one. When she opened it she found it wasn't a bed room but more of a temple like alter thing. She walked in and shut the door behind her. When she looked in she found something set up on a stand. It looked like a staff. She walked over it and found herself memorized by it. She looked and saw the printing of what looked like elements.

"Fire, water, earth, wind, metal, and lava." She heard a voice say. She looked around and found no one.

"Little girl. Are you ready for the right of passage for a better life and a world of starvation, famine, and death?" She heard again and she saw it was the staff that was talking to her. She looked at it weird when she heard herself say "Yes."

The sky suddenly turned red and the king knew what was happening. He had to get to the man's house and fast. He grabbed a sword that was on the stand in front of him. He then felt something different. He looked and saw that a girl was in front of him. He looked around and found he wasn't where he is.

"Who are you?" The girl asked and he looked to see that the staff was in her hands. He instantly bowed down and asked her, her name.

"Why are you bowing to me? Please stop this. How did you get here?" She asked and then the man that owned the house that they where standing in ran in and saw them.

"What have you two done?" He yelled and the girl dropped the staff. But it didn't fall it started to float there as if it was on water. The man ran up to it and tried to grab it but then it turned into flames. He pulled back and looked at the girl.

"Grab the staff." He said and both men watched her. She bent down and picked up the staff like it was nothing. He then told the king to hand him the sword. When it was handed to him it felt as if it was a thousand pounds. He dropped it and the king picked it up.

"Why can't you touch them? Aren't these yours?" She asked and waved the staff to him.

"No you own the staff now. I was only holding it for its rightful owner. You both now have to…" He didn't finish when they head things breaking. They ran out to find men in the house. "Run!" The man said and the king grabbed her arm and pulled her out.

"You have to come to my kingdom." He said and she looked at him in shock. They ran for what seemed like a back door. When he opened it she looked inside and saw it was a door to a different place all together.

"Come on. In you go." He said and pushed her in. She looked around and found that there where men in armor there. She went to go back in when the king jumped in and yelled for the man. He then saw him flying by. He moved just fast enough to not get hit. She starred at them and was near fainting. The king shut the door and changed the knob to what looked like a different world.

She then fainted. Not knowing who had caught her she fell into some ones arms. She felt as if she was on air.

When she woke up it was mid morning and there where several people around her. She shot up and grabbed the blanket.

"Please my lady. Slowly, you don't want to faint again." A man said.

"Who are you?" She asked and he smiled to her.

"I am the doctor. They work under me. Please are you hungry? We can get something to eat." He said and saw her nod her head. She looked around and found she was in a royal bed. She felt how soft everything was when the door flew open. He looked and saw that it was the king and the man.

"You are up, that is good." The king said and he went up to her. She starred at him when the other man told her that she was safe.

"But I still don't know what is happening?" She said and saw that he sighed and made everyone but the other man leave.

"You know the room you where in." The man asked and she nodded.

"Well that was an alter room. The staff that you picked up… it was placed there for the women from another world to save this land. At the same time I was to pick up the sword and…" The king said and the man had to take over as he walked over to the patio.

"You where to marry the king and save us all. You picked it up and he did too once seeing the sky change its color. Now you must marry and save us." The man said and she looked at him with his mouth open.

She didn't know what to say. She somewhat slipped into a shocked state. She was walking to a pond when something started to happen. The staff in her hand took on a form of a body, only made up of water.

"Why do you run?" She asked and she looked at the water body.

"I didn't know what I was getting myself into. Why didn't you tell me that I was to marry the king?" She asked and the water lady looked at her.

"I was hopping that the king wouldn't react with impulse and grab the sword. I was hoping that he wouldn't touch it until the wizard told him too. But he didn't. I am sorry that you didn't know, but you accepted this. Please you must save this small land from the evil Sukeosho!" She said and then the body went back into the lake. The king then walked up to her.

"Are you all right?" He asked keeping a distance.

"I don't know?" She said and looked at the ground. She then sat in the dirt and starred at the staff.

"What has you bothered? Or can you not tell me?" He asked and she looked up.

"It's just… when I walked into the room I never knew what I was doing. I was just looking around. When I walked up to see the painting on the back wall I heard this voice. I stood back and looked around when I saw it came from her. The staff was actually talking to me. I thought I had gone mad but I wasn't she spoke to me six elements. She asked if I would save the world from horrible things. Before I even knew I was talking I had said yes. Then you popped in and I had the staff in my hand. I didn't know I was going to have to marry and literally have to save anyone." She said and sighed. "It's just a little overwhelming for me." She said and smiled the best she could to him. She then felt him picking her up and pulled into a hug. She starred at him.

"You never knew but I grew up knowing that I would have to marry you. I have waited ever sense I was a little boy to meet you. And here you are your finally here and I couldn't have been happier when I heard that you had come at last. But something that I never knew was to me worried or excited. When I first saw you, you let me feel things I couldn't. So I just want to ask you one thing.

Please just give me a chance to be your husband. I will fight with you, by your side, in all this that you have to go threw." He said and she could hear the sorrow in his voice. She knew she wouldn't mind liking him just it was too much to fast for her. So when he said to slowly give him time to prove the he will wait for her she couldn't help but accept. She rested her head against his chest and smiled small.

"I can do that for you." She said and he tightened his arms around her.

A little while latter she found herself in a room that looked as if it was a meeting area but for the king to hear what the people of the land have to say. She looked and found that they were talking to him about how much food they had and how they were going to make it there the winter. She decided to take a walk and head to see the land that they where growing on. When she got out side she saw the wizard. She walked up to him and smiled to him.

"Why didn't you tell me you where a wizard?" She asked and he looked at her worried.

"Well I had to think. You where just chased by a group of men and found help in my home. Should I have told you that magic was real?" He said and she shook her head no.

"No, because I wouldn't have thought you where right and I would have probably ran again. Thinking that you where crazy or something." She said and he nodded his head.

"What are you doing out here? I thought you where with the king." He said and she looked at him. She looked around then and saw what she did to their farm when she was running away from them.

"Can you keep a secret?" She asked as she started to walk to the damaged part. She smiled to him and he seemed to know. She got down and took off her shoes and pulled up her dress part with a slip that went around her wait. Doing so she rolled up her sleeves and he did the same.

"You are helping?" She asked and he nodded.

"Why not? Looks like fun." He said and she smiled. She went and started to help when she saw the staff move and helped with the water. She smiled and the three of us worked on fixing what was damaged.

A little while latter she stood up and found that the villagers where starring at them. She smiled to them and saw that one had gotten the king.

"Sorry I was fixing what I did and they decided to help me. See it's done!" She said showing her hands like it was something on display. The wizard man pocked her shoulder and they got out. When she washed her hands she grabbed the staff that was at her side and waiting when she saw that she still had to wash up her feet from the mud. Lucky for them that it was only rice and nothing that would kill them.

"Wizard why did you help her, I thought I told you to keep an eye on her and not let her get into trouble?" He said and she looked at them.

"Is fixing something that you made by mistake wrong?" She asked and they starred at me like she said something wrong. She picked up what was on her feet and started to walk off. When she looked back she saw that the villagers where talking to the kind and the wizard saw her. He told her to go in and so she did. She saw that he was completely clean.

She walked back in and found that everyone knew what she did. So she left to the room she woke up in and sat on the bed. Then she flopped backwards and sighed. That is when the door flew open. She saw that it was the king. She knew she was in trouble.

"What where you thinking when you working out there?" He yelled at her and she sighed.

"You want me to save you so I am. You had food problems so I fixed the problem." She said stonily showing him she wasn't in the mood. She looked at him and saw he was confused. She flopped back down and sighed again. "What am I to do? I don't know anything and here I hear you have food problems because of me, so I thought… 'Hey why not fix what you did and look food problem gone'." She said and he looked at her. She starred at the ceiling and waited for him to speak.

He didn't speak but she heard the door open. When she looked he was leaving she looked at the door weird. When he came back looked and he was different some how.

"What was that all about?" She asked and he came up to her and pulled her up into his arms. She looked at him weird when she saw the door open again and the king walked back in. She looked at the one that had her in his arms and the one in the door.

"Get you hands off her!" He yelled and drew the sword. The man that had his arms around her drew the same sword. She looked confused when she was then pulled away. She kicked him and went to the other side of her bed. Then she saw another man behind the one in the door.

"How many of you is there?" She asked and they all looked at her. She then saw the wizard pop in behind her. She saw it was the real one.

"Come on girly. We have to go." He said and she starred at him. That is when the staff appeared into her hands and stopped the wizard from grabbing her. She then jumped out of the window and all four men fallowed her. She looked at them and started to wonder what they where doing. She didn't stop but ran to the pond.

When she got there she stopped and turned around, they surrounded her. That is when she knew none of them where the real ones. She tightened her grip on the staff when she suddenly felt pain in her eyes. She then saw something new. It showed her the true forms of the men in from of her. They looked as if they where made up of the elements. She smiled when She looked deeper behind them and saw the wizard floating the sword as kingie stood there watching. She then went back to normal vision.

"So tell me what is this suppose to test me on? The fact you not here or that I can see the real you are over there?" She said. They didn't move so she did. She attacked the men. They all disappeared but as they did more men came. She stood there wondering what to do but at the mean time she fought them.

A while latter she was standing there when her eyes acted up again. She looked and saw that the wizard was getting extremely week. She then saw the king grab the sword and started to head towards her. Her eyes went back and she started to fight again. When she saw it the king was right in front of her.

"You know I don't even know your name kingie." She said and smiled to him.

"Why aren't you fighting me?" He said trying to act like the other men.

"'Cause I know the difference between real and fake. So you want to spar me or should we put wizard to bed?" She asked and he came at her. She smiled as she blocked him and hit him. He looked at her. "See you bleed." She said and took off in a different direction. She saw him fallowing her into the woods. She smiled when she stopped in a tree and watched him go by. She then went after him and he never knew. She smiled when she yelled to him. "You need help on where I am?" She said and took off again.

After a while he never caught up to her as she stopped by a lake. She smiled when she hid behind the last tree. When he ran by she ran and pushed both of them into the lake. She got up and started to laugh hard.

"What was that for?" He yelled at her and she just kept on smiling and laughing.

"Know you are all wet." She said and started to swim to the center of the lake. He grabbed her and shoved her under the water for a second. He then pulled her back up to face him. She whipped away the water from her face and looked at him.

"What does me being wet have to do with anything?" He asked and she looked at him like he was crazed.

"Well sorry. I was only playing around. You where to up tight and then with the clones and shit what was I to do. I was bored and really I wanted to have a little fun." She said and pushed away from him and went back to the shore. He fallowed her and saw that now she was angry or upset with him. He didn't know what to do so he went to her and wrapped his arms around her. She stood there not moving or saying a word. That only made him wonder if she was really upset with him.

"Look I am sorry. I was to test you to see how much you knew……" He was interrupted by her.

"Stop testing me!! I am not a lab rat!" She yelled and pushed him away and walked off. He fallowed her to make her stop.

"Wait!" He yelled after her when she took off. She ran as fast as she could away from him. He couldn't keep up with her. He then saw the wizard.

"What happened?" He asked and the king looked down.

"I lost her. She took off. I made her really mad at me and she took off." He said and then went back to looking for her.

She found herself in a place that looked over the castle. She sighed and looked down to hear her name be faintly yelled. She looked down to the castle and saw that it looked so peaceful. She looked all around and it looked so nice and peaceful. So why would they be in the middle of the war. She then heard the wizard behind him.

"What is it that you want?" She asked and he sat down next to her.

"What made you mad at the king?" He said and saw her look down.

"He can't take a joke, or relax, or act weird just for a while. He might as well be a robot. But I feel bad for him. I pushed both of us into the lake and he reacted like he was going to kill me for just playing around." She said and the wizard nodded.

"Well did you think that being a king sense he was little might have been the cause of that?" He asked and I looked at the man moving in the bushes.

"How am I to know? He doesn't tell me anything all he does is his job. But when we talk it's always what I did wrong." She said and then stood up. "But I guess it's back to work like always… right?" She asked looked to the wizard to the right. He nodded and she jumped off the cliff she was on and floated down to him. He starred as she floated to the ground. She then sighed and started to walk off. He wrapped him arms around her and pulled her tightly to him.

"Why did you run like that? You just took off." He said and she could hear he was near tears.

"I thought you where angry at me. So I took off to cool down." She said against his chest as she was help by him.

"I could never be angry at you……"

"You did in the water. You yelled at me and shoved me under the water." She said and tried to pull away. She was then shoved back to him into a kiss. She starred at him but slowly felt her eye lids get heavy. She closed her eyes and kissed him back. She didn't know what was happening but she felt weird.

He pulled away and watched as she looked at his chest thinking. She stood there not knowing what to do. He kissed her forehead and hugged her tighter again.

When they got back to the castle she looked and saw a bunch of villagers walking away from the field. They where done for the day. She walked into the building when she saw the wizard. She smiled to him and he came up to her.

"Did you two make up for the whole anger thing?" He asked and she blushed.

"In a way yes." She said and he smiled.

"Why don't you go talk to him? He should be done for today." He said and she walked off. She didn't know where she was going but she let her feet do the walking. She was so into thought that she didn't see the king walking to her. She didn't know till she walked into him. He wrapped his arms around her and hugged her.

"What has your mind bothered?" He asked her as she realized that it was him.

"Just thinking." She said and looked up and smiled to him.

"You know you should probably be not walking out in the night."

"Why more you and the wizard are going to hunt me down." She said and pulled away. She stood there as he looked at her.

"Why are you out here at this our?" He asked and she smiled to him.

"I was just out at the pound. I needed to think and it's peaceful out there." She said and started to walk off and he fallowed.

"You should have someone out there with you. It's not that safe." He said and fallowed her to another room. He walked in with out noticing that it was her room.

"Well then I guess I should have you sticking around me more often." She said and walked into her closet to fond something to ware for the night.

"That's not what I meant. I can't fallow you around all day because I have other duties that I have to pay attention to." He said and she came out changed. He slightly gasped at her but manly starred.

"Well I think the wizard would be fine but I think he has other things to do." She said and sat down with a brush in her hand. She smiled when she saw that he was starring at her. She stood up, putting the brush down, and walked over to him. "You're on duties so who is there left that I am to spend my entire day with?" She asked and saw that he had a hint of lust showing threw on his eyes.

"Y…You just have to stay close." He said and lifted his hand up to her cheek.

"Sure I'll stay really close." She said and pulled him down into a kiss. She smiled when he tightly grabbed him waist. She felt him picking her up and brought her to her bed. She wrapped her arms around his neck. She then felt that he was started to get aroused.

"You know if you stay here all night rumors will start to spread." She said as he started to kiss her neck.

"They all ready know that we are to be married. Me spending the night would only prove to them that you are mine." He said and started to trail his fingers over her arms. She started to shake and he knew why. "I won't do anything unless you want me to." He said and she nodded. She then felt his lips to hers again. She tightened her grip and felt that she was going to explode with this raw lusty feeling. She thrusted her hips up to him and he gasped breaking the kiss. She smiled when she pushed him over.

"I may not be ready but it looks like you could use a hand." She said and straddled his hips and dragged her hand up his inner thigh.

"What are you?" He said and shut his eyes trying to calm his head in order to speak.

"Shhh don't speak. Just let me take care of you." She said and he couldn't do anything as she stripped him of his clothing slowly. She stumbled with the shirts he wore but once they where gone she kissed his chest dragging her fingers down his chest to his pants. She removed the belt and slowly slid down his pants to find that he was really hard. She smiled, she had only done this once before but to her it looked like he had never done this. She smiled knowing that her unskilled talent was just fine with him. She slowly licked from his chest down to his belly button. She then slowly started to go lower till she was to his head. She smiled when he gasped as she licked his head.

"Hirako!" He said as she started to lick him over and over. She smiled when she took only his head into his mouth. She smiled again when he whimpered. He didn't know what was happening to him, but he knew he was enjoying it greatly. He didn't know but his hand went to her soft hair. She knew that with the next step she would have him moaning. She sucked him as she bobbed her head up and down. She could hear him near screams as he tried to calm himself down by his grip in her hair. He then came into her mouth as she swallowed what was left. She cleaned him up as she knew this was something new to him. He didn't know what was happening. When she was done she removed his hand and crawled up to him resting her body against his.

When he came to he opened his eyes blinking to clear his sight. When he saw her smiling face he pulled her into a kiss. She pulled back a while latter.

"So what do you think of that?" She said proudly and he couldn't speak. He just pulled her into another kiss and wrapped his arms around her. She fixed his pants and rested next to him. She slipped into sleep.

The next morning she woke up in bed hearing slight snoring coming from behind her. She looked and saw he was fast asleep. She turned in his grip and snuggled into his arms. The wizard came into the room and she looked at him.

"I am sorry but the king is needed else where. Should I wake him?" He said and she shook her head no.

"I think I can take his place for now. I wanted to see it I could take his place and find out some more about the attack and everything." She said slowly moving out of his grip. She stood and walked to grab some clothing.

"I don't think that is a good idea. You never know what he will be like when he wakes up." Wizard said and she smiled to him.

"I believe that I got that covered. Just please do this for me and I will take full blame." She said getting dressed. She came out fully dressed and he nodded and they left. She thought about what his day might be like when she came into the room she was in the day before, before she went to fix the rice field.

"Please, Everyone, Listen here. King is feeling a little under the weather so you will be listened by my lady." He said and everyone looked at her. She sighed inwards as she started to listen to what they had to say.

A little while latter two girls came up to her with a problem. They told her that they both wanted to have the box. She smiled to them. She stood up and walked down to them.

"Please may I see the box?" She said and they handed it to her. "Now this is simple. You two need to find two more boxes one that each of you like. Don't fight over those. Just find two more and came back when you find them." She said and the two girls walked off. She walked back to the chair and placed the box to her feet. She smiled and they continued on with what they where doing.

It was about an hour latter when both girls walked back with the boxes. She smiled to them and grabbed the other box. She walked down to them.

"Now which one do you two girls want? The ones that you went and found or this one in my hands?" She said and they both looked at each other and looked at their boxes.

"We want these boxes." They said and they saw her smile increase.

"Very well, those are yours and this will go to someone else that wants this box." She said and the two girls left and wizard went to her and told her that she had to go. They both walked out and she held onto the box. They then went around threw the town and went on a parole around the town. She smiled when she saw this group of kids. They looked like family members. She then thought about it and gave them the box that was in her hand. She smiled to them and they ran off. She then went around when she heard a yell. She took off in a different direction that lead to an ally. She found a man beating up a girl. She charged at the man and hit him knocking him to the ground. She picked up the girl and held her in her arms.

"Are you all right girl?" She asked and she heard sobs come from the body in her arms. She looked over to the man starring at her and then he flinched.