Searching, searching

i fall into the depths of night

sleeplessly i wander

wet mosses under my feet

my hands still fumbling

like a couple of blind lovers

i can't resist the temptation

that could be found with in

the boy could still be there

his footsteps crackle just

ahead of me as i run

a flash of golden eyes

i run faster than i ever hoped

running, running i soon fall

on the ground i lie broken

arms outstretched in a frenzy

a grasp around like a child

who has lost their mother

a hot breath hits my face

i dare to look up into the

eyes of beautiful beast

it glares down at me with

unspoken power lingering

a howl is thrown into the air

i widened my eyes in terror

the beast's face has turned to

a wicked grin that curls its lips

and its jaws descend upon my