You like to see me crumble.
You like to see me fall.

Would you like to see me fall
some more before I end it all?

For I am going to cut the strings
that ties
a puppet to its puppeteer.

So, no longer will you make me
crumble or fall
for your own sick, twisted pleasure
as a puppeteer.

Because now I am a free puppet
that no puppeteer will attach me
to their strings of hands again.

For I no longer want to be controlled
by one and just be a puppet
itself without a puppeteer.

A puppet who can do things
on its own without any strings
attached to it.

One who can enjoy life
instead of hate it
when a puppeteer controls
its puppet.

So, no longer will I be attached
to your sick, twisted pleasure
strings of hands again.

So here is the second version of it. It's a bit longer and I'm not quite sure if it was good or not.. I wanted to add more to it so here is it. Don't forget to tell me which one you guys like best. R&R! Thank you