So I'm grown up, right? I mean, I'm not a grown-up, I'm just grown up…as in: "up is where I have grown"…as in: "I'm too old to do certain things".

For example: I'm too old to feign ignorance, too old to crawl into bed with my parents when I've had a nightmare, too old to rely on anyone else when I'm sick, too old to watch Saturday morning cartoons (mostly because there's nothing worth watching anymore), and I sure as hell am too old to go trick-or-treating.

Growing up I always said Thanksgiving was my favorite holiday solely because I loved food. Then I got into my teens and I was all about Valentine's Day; and now, as a 20-year-old, I'm all about Halloween. I hated Halloween growing up because I never wanted to dress up but was always forced to anyway.

Now I'm hardly saying I want to dress up as a mouse and go door-to-door begging for some candy, but I do love the atmosphere of it all: the excitement of trying to beat your friends to the next house, hoping to get a bigger handful of chocolate than them, excites the air like an electric current of sugar-induced hyperactivity. Surprising, since I can't even watch a horror film that has been filmed within the last 10 years because they scare the fuck out of me. Give me a nice slasher film from the 80s with some bad acting and horrible graphics and I'm good to go.

Maybe it's because Halloween is paired with academic leniency that makes me enjoy it now that school's actually difficult; who can be serious when there's people dressed as witches or Spider-man or a Power Ranger?

I briefly considered babysitting on Halloween so I could have a legitimate reason to go out into that atmosphere again, but thought twice. Usually at a time like this it's expected that the parent is walking their child around, and being mistaken as the mother of one of my teacher's children isn't high on my list of things to do in life, so I scratched that idea.

Next I considered getting a group of friends together to go out trick-or-treating, and then I remembered that I still don't like dressing in a costume. Besides, everyone knows Halloween is simply an excuse for girls to look like a slut and still be respected the next day. This ideal doesn't work well with me, and thus scratches off party ideas from the list.

So what can I do?! It's only a week away and I feel like celebrating it! I don't know where the sudden urge to participate came from, but now that I've thought about it I can't not think about it! It's like "don't think about the pink elephant", and next thing you know it's all you can think about.

So I sit and I think. No candy, no costume, no movies, no pumpkin carving…wait what? Why can't I carve a pumpkin? I have money, I have will, I have skill…okay, maybe not the last one, but I can buy a kit that will give me skill. Perfect!

Then I remember: time and homework are not on my side. But it's still far enough away that I can divvy the time between my homework, my schoolwork, and Terrance. That's what I'm going to name my pumpkin: Terrance. It's a nice, strong, orange name, don't you think?

Yeah, me and Terrance, fighting the good fight and taking back "grown up" Halloween from sluts and mothers, promoting childhood in adults in a world they should never be involved in.

I could do this, I think, I would have to do both jobs: be both the college student and the child, but I think that's very doable. Afterwards I'll set the pumpkin on my window-sill for everyone to see, and light a candle in it at night.

Who knows? Maybe it'll inspire someone else to do that same.