Looking back.

On the street
walking with my head down
some teens passed by
their mischievous laughters
share a secret with me
I don't know why it annoys me
I mean I was like them

Weren't you?


Sooner or later
I'll feel remorse
no matter if I think
I've made the right choice
if I don't accept what I've got now
It's not worth carrying on
that's why don't care if
I walk with my head down
I see where I'm going.

With my friends we laughed over silly things
it always there was an anecdote to tell
look back isn't move back
even if I loved to return to home with you
after we left school to eat candies
believe me I don't long for yesterday
since the tomorrow waits for me
I just like to recall happy moments
because I want to create more happy moments

Let's do funny stuff!!

Chorus: ...

Sorry for forgetting your birthday
Sorry for being late
I don't know how we're still friends
Sorry for paying attention to my boy instead of you
Sorry for taking your books and never giving them back
but I really love you

You're my best friend!!

Chorus: ...

The easy way to say goodbye
it's not saying...