Dream Weaver Am I

Hush, love, close your eyes and drift away with the
I am whispering
Ever so sweet in your wandering mind.
Flitting from place to place, the faeries dust your hair
Dropping their wings into your pocket
As keepsake for a rainy day.
The raindrops roll like tears from a babe's eye
Dripping, sliding, secretly
The ground on which you stand,
Eating away at all that you are with burning teeth of snow.
White covers the red sea of iniquity,
The blood that your ancestors spilled in search of
From their own captivity,
Like birds in a cage lusting for the lush air
Smell the earth as it comes up to greet you,
Twisting its feathered hair around your body
To encompass you in breathing green
That will not let you go.
Choke on the blooms that struggle to
From your life's blood,
Your heart;
They greedily suck from it,
Craving amaranthine life,
To be forever remembered through your dreams,
Destroy what they may.
Fire rages to char your bones,
Turning you to dust like the coffin below you;
It holds nothing but remains.
The skeletal hand reaches you before flames,
And you are devoured by the greed of rotting teeth,
Sucked dry of life by those who seek it.
Swirling in the afterlife,
Translucent as fog,
You are suffocated by the blanket
That inhales your breath with every step you take,
And you become blind.
Light pours into view
And you, dying in my woven nightmare,

A/N: Amaranthine, for those that might not know the word, means eternally beautiful and unfading; everlasting.