"Life From Out My Mouth"

by Shayne Edwin Pruett


there is a bounty of hope inside the heart of man,

and we withdraw from the air in which we breathe.

a sustenance so pure, so untouched -

we forgot how to appreciate it.

our incentive is despair,

nymphomaniac for air,

our lungs press against our chests,

like our backs against these chairs.

our final destination is a place we built with noble hearts,

though strangers have turned it into a new wilderness -

full of slanderous facsimiles of our hero's eyes,

and lies thicker than human flesh.

we have tied them to a stick,

to forgive all of our tricks,

but then we turn around and pierce the one's we've always missed.

and oh, the irony is sad,

and yes, the story true -

but every now and then we find,

we aren't as beautiful as you.

and oh, no, sad story, life from out my mouth,

keep my name outside your tongue,

i am not what you're about.

i never asked for all this trouble,

bountiful amounts of doom,

and even though i've golden ribs,

i'll never gild this gloom.

my teeth are dark,

ignite the spark,

a million more,

an honest shark.

this world was never meant for one as beautiful as you,

this world was built on broken legs and every bit of it is true.

every bit of it was true,

and even though i cannot stand -

to lift up all these tombstones,

from out this barren land, i must demand -

give me life, give me liberty, just give me your hand,

curse a sunset every night,

just to calm this sand.

life and love and happy memories,

darkness in the morning, ever after -

don't you wish you had your own,

life up in the rafters?

this world was never meant for one as beautiful as you,

i stand on broken legs to dispel all we know is true.

all of it is true,

even circumstance -

i've not a mask big enough,

to match my song and dance.

to match my merry prance,

a gilded basket full of lies!

crack open her chest and find,

a million more have lied.

covers are meant for apathy and darkness never sleeps,

a speculative circumstance to replace all of our knees.

this world was never meant for one as beautiful as you,

and i will fucking burn the night,

to prove it to be true.