Each day I turn to see
You hide.
Off in the distance, clouded by white.
At night you come to be
My guide.
Path through the darkness is what you light.

By force, you swing around my place,
A lasso wrapped around your waist,
Gripping you tightly,
Drawing you in with every stroke.

Though you are all pure radiance,
Illuminating those in your presence,
You cannot escape the grasp
Of our powerful, waxing bond.

I can sense your sorrow,
I can feel your pain.
I can see your dark side
Ever surfacing again.

I need my space, but so do you,
And so we keep our distance.
Yet we can only be so far apart,
For both we thrive on coexistence.

You often travel place to place,
A job vastly demanding.
I wish upon a star to see your face,
My throbbing heart always expanding.
Alacrity will be my case
When I see the plane for your landing.

Let us dance now.
Like a grand procession, push me forth.
Spin me 'round.
Tilt me 'til I no longer point north.

This fervor for you never wanes,
Growing past sublunary peaks.
Should you ever gravitate away,
I will forever be crestfallen.

You control my tidal ways.
My ardor remains a raging ocean
Until we wave goodbye.

You are a supplement to my world, lost without me.
But it seems as if it is I
Who revolves around you.