A Picture of Summer


The time for lying around and possibly getting a tan, has arrived. I'm sitting outside in the front yard on the stoop. The sun is setting in the west casting a warm glow to the trees and grass in front of me. A small breeze ruffles the leaves.

I set aside the book I'm reading and listen. Kids scream and giggle at each other as they play at the park across the street. Young mothers push their toddlers on the swings. A little girl laughs as her older brother spins the merry-go-round.

Lawnmowers can be heard everywhere. This was prime weather for giving the grass a trim. The Church bell rings as the clock strikes six sending a sweet song across the town.

Older sisters walk along with their little brothers and sisters down the streets. A few cars go by but the day is nice enough to walk. Dogs bark back and forth to each other. Squirrels dart across the street. Housecats sit in open windows surveying the outside world.

So little goes on but so much takes place. It is a treasure to be able to take a break from the hectic pace of life and just sit back and relax. That's what everyone else was doing. I knew there probably were kids splashing at the pool and a good softball game in swing. Young families are out at the county parks taking nature walks and having a picnic.

I'm sitting here taking in it all. This was the kind of day I lived for. A day with no worries just happiness and laughter. No day holds such a special place in my heart and I know that it will always be this day I look forward to when summer rolls around again.