The strange man finally turned around. A familiar face greeted me. It was only our mailman, Larry, who delivers our packages straight to our door. His furry mustache moved as he smiled in recognition of my presence. I opened the door and signed the slip to say that we had received the package.

"Have a good evening Elle," Larry said walking back to his truck.

Incredible, it was already dark outside. We walked around my yard waiting for Zac's parents to come pick him up. We settled on the big rock in my front yard, which had a nice seat for him, and he was a nice enough seat for me. When the car's headlights came into view I extricated myself from Zac's limbs and stood up, attempting to de-wrinkle my shirt without an iron in twelve seconds.

"Goodbye Darling," Zac said wrapping me in a humongous embrace.

"See you soon."

Zac's parents didn't say anything out of the ordinary to me about the hug, but I was sure they suspected something. I spent the next half hour calling all my friends to let them know that Billy and I were over, and now Zac was the boy. Although it wasn't official yet, I knew it would be soon enough. My phone rang and I briefly danced to my ringtone before answering.

"Hey you've reached the happiest girl alive," I said.

"Glad someone is happy, because your brother isn't allowed to play baseball for two weeks." My mom's monotone voice informed me.

Tucker not being able to play means I wouldn't be able to go to the baseball games for a decent reason. I would have to tell them about Zac sooner than I wanted to. Tucker would flip out.

"Alright, that stinks. Tell him I hope he feels better. When are you guys getting home?" I asked

"We'll be back late, the doctors have us at the ER, and apparently the annual parade was today for the town, and the bars had free beer. The drunks are littering this place and it'll take a while for a MRI. I'll call you when I know more okay?"

"Sounds good, I'll be here."

"Oh you got home alright, that's good. Lock the doors, but you can keep the window open in your room for a breeze. Don't stay up too late."

"I won't. Goodnight. Love you."


I hung up the phone with a quick flick of the wrist. The house was quite and peaceful and I was happier than I had been in quite some time. I opened up my window and stood in my pajamas at my window. A slight summer breeze brought in sounds of fireflies and crickets. I sighed and sat down in my beanbag chair and peacefully drifted into sleep. Dreams of Zac and myself ran through my unconscious mind through the night. I awoke to my very own fairytale.