The story begins in a quite town in northern California. It follows five people trying to survive a military quarantine. Our characters will be forced to survive, adapt, and kill the ones after them. It will be tough and there will be losses, some not important, others will be heart breaking. So enjoy...

"Go, run, I'll be fine!" Screamed Dante as he fired two shots from his silver revolver

"No, I'm not leaving you here, not like this!" David screams firing a burst from his HK G36C.

"I need you, we need you, she needs you!"

"What?! what--"

But Dante never got the words out of his mouth he was killed in a jail cell.

"8 months ago"

" The weather for the next week will be in the mid to high sixties with a slight chance of rain. So keep those umbrellas ready! Back to you Tom!"

Alejandro is Twenty-Six, tall with long black hair. He works construction in the city. Thats where he was going to this morning. As Alejandro walks up and turns off the T.V he looks out the window and sees his neighbor doing her daily morning jog. He walks out to his truck and heads to the city. He stops at a local mini-mart and sees his friend Anthony Jones walking down the road.

"Hey Tony!" Alejandro yells

" Yo Al, whats up man!" Anthony yells back

"Just stopped here to get a cup of coffee, need a ride?" Alejandro replies

" Yea man, thanks!" Anthony runs across the street to meet Alejandro

As Alejandro and Tony walk out of the store they see a woman almost eating a mans neck.

" Man thats fucking nasty, so early in the morning, they oughta get a room." Tony yells

"Don't worry about it Tony, we'll be late if we decide to pick a fight." Alejandro says in disgust

As Alejandro and Tony get into Alejandro's truck they pull out onto the highway. They drive for about twnety minutes nad they finally arrive at the construction site. When they pull up five men are staring at them, with these blank soulless eyes. As the two turn around the men are gone as if they were never there, never exisited. The two grab their tools and walk up to the foreman to be clocked in and start the day.

"Alright today we need to get floors 5-10 done. The frame is up we just need to start with the interior construction." David announces

As he starts to talk again a woman with brown hair and frightend face comes running from around thte corner into the construction yard screaming, screaming bloody murder. Then a man comes running around the same corner with a mean stare on his face, like he was hunting her.

"Help, he's trying to bite me, he's trying to bite me! Help! Please god help!" her name was Nicole one of the construction workers, Steven, knew her. Steven walked up to the man and as he did, the man grabed him by his arm. Steven started to hit him, but the man felt nothing, nothing what-so-ever. Steven hung loosly at the mans arm. As he turns his head to say something the man lunges forward and rips a hole in Steven's neck.

The man lets go of Steven and runs. As he drops Steven an ark os scarlet blood flys into the air. Steven died right there in the construction yard.

"Oh my god! Someone call an ambulance!" Dante yells

"No, no, he can't be dead, he can't!" Nicole crys.

When the ambulance arrives, the construction workers had covered his body in a construction tarp. As the EMT's lift Steven's lifeless body they see a finger twitch, a sign of life in a dead body.

"Alright everyone, we should go home early today. Mourn Steven, we'll take as much as needed." David announces

Every one gathers there things and starts to head out when Alejandro tells every one that he'll be having a get together in honor of Steven. Tony, Nicole, David, and Dante get into Alejandro's truck and head for his house.

As the group moves through the city a police officer sees the truck and stops them.

" Hey, you guys can't be here, you need to leave this area now!"

The guys turn around and look at the road and when they turn back around to the cop, he was gone. They drive on in silence with thte occasional sigh. The city oddly lifeless and quite, except for the random screams and man running down the street. They finaly reach Alejandro's house after a strenuous half hour silence.

Alejandro tries to find a radio station, but all he can find or hear is the Emergency Broadcast System. It was repeating the same message over and over again.

"Stay in Doors, lock all doors and windows. Do not ley your pets out side. If they are bitten do not treat the wound or let them in."