Chapter 1: To Violate

What does it take to make you happy. NOTHING IS EVER FUCKING ENOUGH!!"

I can't respond. Because .. I don't know how. A clean push leaves my head to smack sickeningly against the wall.

And in my head I can only hear a solid string of profanity. "Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck I did it this time. Fuck fuck fuck"

In the back of my mind something is fighting for me to rebel. The fight or flight instinct demands I take some sort of an action.

"..Hey" My voice manages to rasp from my abused throat. "..fuck you ass" And my knee drives up slamming hard.

The hand in my hair rips with an audible snap as I tear myself from their grasp. It doesn't register that there will be hell to pay later. Instead I drive my foot into their side and kick. I don't stop until they can no longer see straight. They're curled up in a fetal position and I don't stop. I can feel the vicious sneer pull at the corner of my lips. What must be a sadistic smile.

My foot slams into the tender of their stomach. A snarl spilling past my lips. My fingers wrap in the silk of their hair, twisting and tearing viciously. I lift them from the ground still holding satin locks before slamming their head.

It was the spark in their eye that told me I should have fought to flee. Instead of fighting to win.

They pull free their hand wrapping in my hair and tearing viciously. I feel the roots pull so hard that a bump will later form on my head.




I feel my face smack into the grass. My fingers clench in the grass in attempt to pull myself up. They wait just long enough for me to focus before slamming me in the face.

Those eyes. Blank sable eyes. So dark they could be black. Are these the eyes of a killer?

I can only scream mentally as my teeth snap down on my tongue, blood pooling in the bottom of my mouth.

"Shouldn't have done that huh?" I feel the scrape of the sidewalk on my knees.

They bounce gracefully from one foot to the other, before a swift kick is delivered to my side. The air ecsapes my lips in a swift gasp. The sidewalk is cool against my stinging face. I bet anything I have a fat lip.

I know the only chance to get out of this is to move. Even slightly. My fingers furl and unfurl. I still have control over my numbed body.

Making what I can only describe as inhuman noises, I drag myself back to my knees. They have stepped back for a moment. Probably to gain their breathe. In that time I've scrambled to my feet.

My legs seem to be off to one side instead of under me where they should be. It doesn't matter now. They just have to move! MOVE DAMNIT!

I feel the muscles in my calves bunch and pull, I manage to push off and sprint away. Wavering as I go. I'm sure my mind has shut down. For I know I need to get out of here no matter how, I just have to go! No rationality echoes in my head.

Upon making it to the corner of the block i'm forced lean against the street sign. Sweat stinging my eyes, thick copper coating the tastebuds on my tongue.

I jerk realizing that it might not be over. Instantly my converses hit the pavement of the street and I take off running again.

My worst fear is looking back and seeing him there. I won't look back. No matter the reason. I'll never look back.

"Reilly, come here" The voice was soft and comforting. They knew my name luring me in.

That's how I found myself standing in the back alley of a local bar. I turned around the corner sharp, my eyes snapping up to meet a pale face. My knees are shaking so terribly that I have to lean back against the rough brick. Angry tears gathered at the corners of my eyes. And it didn't matter if this man was a stranger, I'd had enough for the day.

"Just give me a break" I muttered taking a shaky breathe.

"I came here just to do that Reilly" Blue swirled eyes locked onto me, carefully taking note of my state.

"You know my name?" For some reason the absurd idea that this strange male would know my name seemed comforting.

"Of course I do" He answered arching an eyebrow at me arrogantly. "Come with me"

I followed after him at a lagged pace, my muscles howling in protest, my rationality having abandoned for the day. I'd like to think on a normal day I wouldn't follow a stranger...

We entered a cafe, plumes of smoke rising from couches where people were reading or quietly murmering amongst themselves.

He vanished from my side for a moment before returning with what appeared a frappucino. Firmly he grasped my elbow leading me to one of the large over stuffed leather couches. For a moment I contemplated how I would possibly be able to bend and sit. The male's eyes lit up in understanding, lightly pressing my lower back and helping me ease down into the cushions.

"Thank god" I murmured lolling back in the soft luxery.

"Not quite" He looked amused, as he placed the frappucino in my hand.

"What was that?" The drink seemed heavy in my hands, although it was soothing against the scratched skin.

"Tell me... Do you believe in the devil?" He practically purred taking a seat beside me and crossing one leg over the other. Instantly I found myself bitter that he could complete such a task with ease.

"No" I nursed my drink.

He chuckled a bit. "Good, me either. With that said I would like you to be aware that you may not leave my side at any given moment of the day"

"Right" I answered absently not hearing what he was talking about.

"Your going to think i'm crazy"

"Try me"

It was then that the stranger offered me a pleasant smile and commenced to tell me my entire existance was a lie.

"Your not human.. Scratch that darling let me explain it from the top. The devil and god are just petty titles, there is just a tall golden gate highly improbable any normal human will pass and a tall iron gate that will let anyone willing in. Upon birth you had no guardian angel following after you, to pick you up, to look after you, and to help spare you from alot of the viciousness of the world. Instead you were placed in the care of a guardian, or rather demon. Do you know why?"

"You lost me at the word human" I mutter blankly.

"Continuing on.. The reason why you were given a guardian is because no one recognized your soul. All of the people walking the planet have had souls that span across time."

"Recarnation?" I piped up hoping my jab in the dark was in the right direction.

"Exactly!" He smiled at me. "Although your soul was either too old to process or, you're the first completely new soul we've seen in the last millena or so"

"Ah... So why are you here?" I pulled the straw from my drink and licked a bit of the whipped cream off.

"To look after you" He answered point blank. The guy might as well have pulled a gun and shot me in the face.

"Like hella" I snarled pushing myself up, stumbling around the dark cafe.

He was staring at me lazilly with half lidded eyes. It unerved me to see his gaze actually trail the lenght of my body before returning to my face. It was with an indignant snort I jumped on the poor bastard. He had no idea what was coming until my still tender fist hit his face.

"I'm sorry Rei, but I can not and will not tolerate your tantrums" He looked perfectly calm. His fingers wrapping around my wrist like a steal band.

"Oh go dry hump a tree!" I seethed, attempting to put space between the two of us.

"I'm sorry..." He arched an eyebrow and gazed off to the side as though he was sharing an inside joke with someone. "Actually, i'm not sorry. Not a bit."

A jolt of pain pinched at my neck. It was then that the corners of my vision started going black. Another sharp tweak to the next and I felt my body protest and fall limply against the stranger.

"Goodnight" He murmured

I'd never felt more violated as I passed out.