Chapter 1: Terribly incorrect

"The earliest I can remember is sixth grade" She had been laying on her back on the soft leather couch for over an hour now.

"I see... And did you suffer any trauma to the head during this time?" The voice was polite, trying not to prod into her business.

"I-" she trailed off losing herself in thought. Nervously she pushed herself into a sitting position. Tucking her silk smooth sable hair behind her ear. She rested her elbows on her knees and took a deep breathe. "In the begining of sixth grade I became very sick. They called it the kissing disease" Lips painted red curled back to reveal white teeth. "I slept for over a month straight, when I awoke I hardly moved, and rarely ate"

"When you were sleeping did you have nightmares?"

"I didn't dream, I just laid there in blackness. Waiting for my body to give up on me or heal. They didn't think I'd have any immune system left..." Her naturally tawny voice cracked. She was silent, her green eyes simply taking in the dark stain of the cherrywood coffee table.

The man's watch beeped alerting him that the session was up. "I'm sorry Miss Sinclair, but it appears that our time together is up"

"That it is" she murmured finding her way to her feet and sauntering out the door.

Her motorcycle was where she parked it. The ebony paint gleaming at her invitingly. "Oh god how I have missed you" She patted the soft leather seat. A red helmet glittered off the handlebars, she slid it into place on her head with ease. Her long leg slid over the sun warmed seat, and the engine roared to life. With a half amused laugh she sped off down the street. Kat revved her engine adoring the purr that tore out of the machine beneath her. Her tires hissed in dissaproval as she made sharp turns, and accelerated rapidly leaving black skids across the roads.

The trees whipped by in a blur, the only things that seemed steady were the yellow lines on the road which she followed almost religiously. A sharp right turn led her up into a parking lot. There were a few cars seperated here and there. The sun was just barely peaking above the sandstone building which she looked at with narrowed eyes. Stiffling a groan she slid her legs from the cycle, dropping them stiffly to the ground. Her helmet flew from her head to the seat in a careless fashion. Kat pulled a watch from her pocket and gazed at the time with her green eyes slightly glazed with sleep.

She breifly wished she had asked her grandmother for a ride while she stretched the stiffness from her back and legs. Kat could still feel the tingles in the back of her legs from the cycle. Ruffling her hair with one hand she leaned back against the cycle and took a deep breathe. It was then when she noticed she wasn't alone in the parking lot.

"Well if it isn't little Annette... I'm suprised that your here early" A snide voice caused her eyes to narrow.

"No one calls me that" she muttered half amazed that he remembered her first name. "I wouldn't be if I had a choice" she responded reaching for the zipper on her leather jacket and letting it join the helmet on her seat.

"No choice?" The male tilted his head, a smile spreading across his face.

"If I'm late one more time this year..." She trailed off realizing she didn't owe anyone an excuse let alone Blaike whom to which she clearly didn't like. In fact she hadn't seen him as a likable person since she'd met him as an innocent 7 year old. Now standing in front of him as a 17 year old she found her nose crinkling in dislike.

"You'll be dropped from the school registry?" He smiled at her sweetly. Sweet, as aspartame, a tree poison as well as sweetener.

"..I'm going inside" she said waving a hand at him, Kat was careful not to respond to his prodding. A fight would easilly end her another year in this wretched school. She was quick to depart him, strutting casually inside the heavy double doors of the school.

The teachers were just begining to arrive. They were readying their materials for the long day ahead of them. Exactly six hours of hell. Six hours three days in a row... 666. Kat 'hmphed' over her musings. If only they had three days a week instead of the normal five. She stalked down the hallway, her head low with exhaustion. Finding her first class of the day she tried the knob. It was unlocked. The only thing that seemed to filter through to her brain was that she could rest until class started in her seat.

Chains on her pants protested quietly as she slid into her seat. Looking up boredly at the chalkboard her eyes landed on her teacher and the Vice Principal locked in a heated kiss. Bile might have attempted to escape the confines of her throat, she didn't take note of it as she swiftly stood. Kat looked visibly shaken as she stood, the fight or flight instinct rising up. Fleeing was her only option.

Kat's bright eyes locked with those of her teacher. The two of them looking horrified. It was the teenagee that took off bolting through the door and down the hallway. Now standing on the stairs she cursed at her rotten luck. The mental image of the two superiors intimately entwined made her twitch in disgust. She spit as though it had been her the Vice had been kissing. Still shivering in distate Kat shifted to carefully arrange herself at the bottom of the stairs. She'd just wait for the first bell to ring here. Dropping to the wall against the stairway she leaned her head back letting it settle against the cold white wall.

Seconds to minutes. Forty Five minutes had passed in the blink of her eye. Her eyes flew open with the first chime of the bell. Kat took a moment to stretch, pushing her toes down and her fingertips up. All while being careful to avoid the students rushing to get to their classes before the second bell rang.

Pushing her dark hair over her shoulders she placed her foot firmly on the first step and loped up the steps. She calmly made her way back to the class, pushing the grotesque sight she'd seen before out of her head. It was with a sigh she settled at her desk, which happened to be right infront of where her homeroom teacher was sitting. Their eyes locked, calmly Kat turned away, feigning a yawn.

With ease the girl could sail through her classes with this teacher. A smug smile tugged at the corners of her lips. The newspaper would be begging for her insight of the story. Although there would be little economic profit. Snapping her teeth together she tilted her head up thoughtfully at the flag as the announcements and pledge of alliagance sounded through the school.

"Annette please stay after class" The teachers voice was soft. A polite request.

"I told you to call me Kat" The green that surrounded Kat's eyes seemed to swirl with a strange hue of blue. Amusement, and irritation twisted together giving her eyes a dark haze.

"Of course Katherine"

"Kat" the teenager corrected looking more and more disagreeable by the moment.

"I'll not call you by a false name"

"Call me Kat, or else.." She left the threat in the air. The corner of her mouth arched up daring the teacher to contradict her.

"If you insist" the teacher spoke in a subdue tone.

The power of something so simple left a smile on her face. She took a moment to arch her eyebrow, her gaze falling upon the dusty clock. The bell rang just as the hand changed. Homeroom was over. She didn't move from her seat. Instead she chose to get more comfortable. Turning the back of her chair towards the teacher and then throwing a leg around it. Now straddling the chair she would wait.

The students took a moment to empty out of the room. Talking quietly amongst themselves. Once or twice she distinctly heard her name. They probably assumed she was in trouble again. If only they knew the truth.

"What you saw today you can't speak of"

"Most naturally" she let out a sigh and kicked her black booted feet. "It's really none of my business."

The teacher looked at the girl warilly. There were many sides to a person, and she'd never figured out even one of this girl's. She was silent, and never paid very close attention during class. Although when it came time to turn in a paper it would be on her desk, well written, always an 'A'.

"Your right it is really none of your business, what do you need to stay quiet about this?"

"Eh, you worry too much" Kat found it fit at that moment to dissmiss herself from the room. She was just out in the hallway when a thought had risen in her mind. "Pardon me Miss Martin. I do have a request."

The female teacher tensed, forcing herself to resist howling in protest.

"There was a hat that you took from me when I first arrived in your class. Although with a pair of sunglasses, and my first mp3 player. I would like them back."

Miss Martin growled indignantly knowing she had no choice but the listen to the much younger girl. Glancing up from her desk drawers she found Kat sitting on one of the desks and quietly kicking her feet. If she weren't in High School she would have assumed that she was still a middle school student.

"Out of curiousity how old are you?"

"Seventeen" Kat answered holding out her hand expectantly.

Slowly, and very grudingly the teacher held out the hat, it's pinstripping still the elegant light blue against black she remembered it to be. Carefully tucked inside were her sunglasses and her music device.

"Take it easy" she called heading out the door whistling a cheerful tune. Being reunited with her mp3 was a dream.