I am trying to think of
a way to say
"I feel like shit,"
but poetically and
without cursing.

I think it is failing
because the curse words
are still running rampant
in my head, if nowhere else.

Maybe if I say,
"I feel awful today,
Lie down and die I just may,"
but I've never been good at rhyming
and I think I just proved it.

The worst is that I don't just feel bad;
no, it's the irrational irritation
that is driving me up the bloody wall.
I don't understand why, but

my jaw is clenching again
my hands want to do the same
my lips are pressing together
like I am restraining myself
from baring my teeth
and lunging for the nearest victim.

Because the idea of spending life
inside a mental institution is
none too appealing,
I think I'll settle for savaging
the inside of my cheek instead.