Not Quite Heaven's Angel;
Beauty through Glass Shards
By: aphroditism

"Alodia?" Knock. Knock.

I shrank back from the door, easing myself on the bed. I could recognize that voice; it was a voice that they used to get me out of my room. It was their technique to lure me out of my room, out of my sanctuary and out into the hell of that place that they called home to people they know. What were they called? They were called friends, right? Yes, that's what they're called, friends is what those fortunate beings called them.

"Darling, please come out – there are people out here that would like to meet you."

I watched the doorknob shake, the door shivering every time the lady-keeper kept trying to open the door. I pulled the covers over my legs and placed my clasped hands over my lap. She wasn't going to get into my room, this was my sanctuary, even though my old sanctuary was taken away from me, I won't let her take this one like I let the people before her.

"I'm sorry; I think that she's having a bit of a withdrawal. Oh no! Please don't be worried, she's always like this when there are guests that want to visit her are here. You see, let me explain…"

Please don't talk to me like I can't hear you from the other side of the door. Your voice can flow easily through the door. This sorry excuse of a door is thin, and rather easy to break down. At least from what I have been observing it to be.

Please don't talk about my life to strangers. They are all the same. Sad – no, pitying looks on their faces and the same 'sorry' on their lips. They react the same way, no variety. But I guess it's a good thing because I always know how to react to them.

Don't say anything.

"Yes, that's about it –"

Silence. I strained my ears to hear the mumbling voices on the other side.

"Are – are you positive?"

Silence again.

"Oh this is wonderful! Alodia! Alodia, can you hear me? There are people here that want you."

I stopped.

'They want me?'