The Vampire Diaries

From the Diary of Sadie Hawkins, January 1, 2001:

Last night was a most wonderful experience. When I got up I took a long warm bubble bath with that strawberry essence that Donovan gave me last year. He's so thoughtful. I wonder how he spent his New Year's. Afterwards I got dressed in that new dress I told you about and headed out. The night was so clear and the stars were so bright I almost lost myself in them. Before I got to my hill I stopped off at the store for a bottle of champagne and a bag of those glorious sugar cookies. When I got to the top of my hill I just laid down in the tall grass and looked up at the stars. I could hear the faint sound of music floating in on the wind. It was a happy tune and I listened to it for as long as it played. When it was over I closed my eyes and listened to the sounds of the world. They were so beautiful and melodious. When the New Year arrived I could feel it in my soul. I opened my eyes and smiled. I looked up at the night's sky and said happy birthday to the world. Happy Birthday!

From the Journal of Donovan Sinclair, January 1, 2001:

Last night was a horrible mistake. Victoria decided to throw a millennium celebration. She invited everyone. I wanted to pass on the whole thing, but I knew that if I did she would throw a ranting tantrum. I had a miserable time. Half of the people there were people I see frequently, and the other half were people nobody would want to meet on their best day. As a matter of fact, I was outside on the porch petting Justine, Victoria's cat, when the New Year arrived. Shortly thereafter, I left. No good-byes, no contact of any kind. I am not going to lose any sleep over not telling Victoria that I was leaving. She is a terrible headache. I think I will head out to see how Sadie is faring.

From the Private Diary of Victoria Davenport, January 1, 2001:

My party was a total disaster! I have learned that most of those at the party last night are simply leeches looking for a free meal. Of course Donovan was of no help to me. Then, to make matters worse, Paxton got into a fight with Master Brandis's Fledgling and threw him through the window and onto the lawn! There in front of everyone he proceeded to beat the poor boy senseless! And again, Donovan was nowhere to be found when I needed him most. I am seriously thinking of never again inviting Donovan or Paxton. Damnit!

From the Inner Thoughts of Paxton Cain, January 1, 2001:

Last night was soooooo fucking boring! Victoria and her little tea party playmates celebrating another century. BORING! Been there, done that again and again and again. At least things livened up when I handed Brandis's Fledgling Muppet his sorry ass. The guy was a total pussy. He even whimpered and cried when I beat him. It was pathetic. I'd have killed the sorry git if Brandis himself hadn't stopped me. I'd never Master for such a weak Fledgling. I'll have to do Brandis a favor and dispose of his Fledgling before he does Brandis any serious harm.

From the Personal Journal of Jacob Brandis, January 1, 2001:

Last night was a travesty. Victoria whined all night about Donovan, Donovan was his typical antisocial self, and Pax beat the hell out of my newest Fledgling. Does he have that much contempt for me that he would just attack those in my charge? The man just does not think. He has lived for five centuries, and each century he gets more and more unruly. Soon he is going to turn on those he actually calls friend. When that happens, it will be his end. At least he and Caffeine are not wrecking havoc together at the moment, or we would all have to fear for our lives.

From the Rantings of Keith Struckowzinski, January 1, 2001:

NEW YORK FUCKING CITY! The best party in town has just happened! I made it, you missed it! I am the greatest! All gone, bye-bye! There were pimps, pushers, playas, thugs, cops, robbers, Batman, Robin, Simon, Garfunkel, (ewwww!) sorority girls, frat boys, Scarecrow, Dorothy, and Toto, too. Damn! It was so fucking awesome! I can't wait 'til the next one. God, I need a drink!

From the Diary of Tanya Skinner, January 1, 2001:

Happy Fucking New Year. I have nothing to be happy about. I screamed when I saw my face in the mirror tonight. I always scream when I see my face in the mirror. And Pax is to blame. He took my life. He took my face. He Took my face. He took My face. HE TOOK MY FACE! I want to kill the son of a bitch so badly I can taste it. I could have had a life if not for him. What did I do to deserve this? What did I do? Everyday I search for him. Everyday I try to find him. Everyday, I fail. But I won't fail tonight. I am going to find him and I am going to fuck him up so badly. He took my face, he took my face, he took my face…

From the Personal Log of Angelica Rosemont, January 1, 2001:

I saw him! After all this time, I saw him. I was standing there next to him and he did not see me. I could have killed him if I wanted to, but there were too many others in the room. Donovan. My final target. At long last I'll have my revenge. I'll kill him tonight, and watch the sun come up tomorrow.

To be continued…