The Vampire Diaries: January 7, 2001

From the Diary of Sadie Hawkins, January 7, 2001:

I have decided to put the past few nights behind me. Donovan has promised me that he'll find the vampire who attacked me and make him pay. It's very sweet of him, and I told him that. I also told him that he didn't have to, as whoever did this has probably fled the city by now. Donovan's name is well-known, not just in the city, but in all of vampire society. Surely whoever attacked me would have run the moment he learned of my connection to Donovan. Still, Donovan isn't convinced. He's very protective of me and all those he considers his friends. That may be one of the things I love most about him.

From the Journal of Donovan Sinclair, January 7, 2001:

I am pulled in several directions at once. Sadie has been assaulted by another vampire, another tried to kill me, and Victoria is being rather unsubtle in her wishes for me to hold her hand in regards to the incident with Pax during her New Year's party. Truth be told, I do not care to be involved in the last matter. The other two need my attention. Unfortunately, I could be on fire and Victoria would still find a way to make it about her. Though the matter regarding another vampire wanting me dead should be my primary concern right about now, I cannot help but find my focus drawn more towards discovering the identity of the vampire who assaulted Sadie. That is something indeed. Brandis would tell me that I am maturing. Pax would tell me that I am just concerned about protecting my property. Victoria would tell me that I am being foolish. In some ways, I think all three of them would be correct. In others, I know that they would be quite mistaken. I openly call Sadie my lover, and the vampires in this city know that she is under my protection. I acknowledge that she treats me better than I treat her. She is far younger than I am, and more of a romantic than I ever was. Still, the thought of her ever coming to harm makes me hurt. Is this what it is like to love another? To feel that their life means more to you than your own? If this is indeed love, then it would explain to me why I feel the way I do and why it is so important to me to find her attacker and make him pay for what he has done to her.

From the Private Diary of Victoria Davenport, January 7, 2001:

My dear, sweet, Donovan is distracted. Sadie Hawkins has gone and gotten herself attacked. I'm surprised that this didn't happen sooner. She has quite the victim aura about her. To be frankly honest, I would not be surprised if the one who attacked her thought she was actually a mortal who had wandered into the wrong bar. Now Donovan is desperate to find him and give him a sound thrashing for playing with his toy. Oh, he may call her his lover, but she's his toy. Donovan has always been possessive of what belongs to him, so it doesn't surprise me that he's searching so fervently for the vampire who did this. And when he does, Sadie will smile at him and thank him and Donovan will be back to his normal self. As for my feelings on the matter, on one hand I hope Donovan catches him so that he can stop being so preoccupied. On the other hand, I hope Sadie's attacker is never caught, as I hate her for taking up so much of Donovan's time and attention. With any luck, the next time something like this happens to her it will be her end.

From the Inner Thoughts of Paxton Cain, January 7, 2001:

Brandis has sent me word that he wants to have a "Come to Jesus" meeting with me regarding his Fledgling. Swell. Truthfully, I should have expected this. I already know what he'll say. He'll tell me that I was out of line, and that I owe him and his Fledgling an apology. He'll probably even tell me that I need to apologize to Victoria for breaking her shit, mostly on Brandis's Fledgling. Well, if that's what he's going to talk to me about, I'll just pretend to listen. I'm not sorry at all. For any of it. However, I will apologize. He'll know that that is all it will be. An apology. He knows me well enough to know that while I will formally apologize for my actions, I never feel sorry for doing them. And I know Brandis well enough to know that he knows that any apology I make is hollow. However, at his age, me simply saying the words is good enough for him. Then the matter will be settled. At least until the next time. With me, there's always a next time.

From the Personal Journal of Jacob Brandis, January 7, 2001:

Donovan approached me a few nights ago to ask about an unknown vampire who brazenly attacked him on the street. Though he would never admit it aloud, he has more enemies in his past than even Pax does. Speaking of Pax, I have sent word to him that I wish to formally speak with him on the matter. Pax will not refuse me, of that I am certain. I know that it would be wise to not have my Fledgling in the room when I speak to Pax, as that would risk another confrontation between them. I will not revisit that mess in my own home. Like I stated previously, I will learn and understand his motives, but I will not fully forgive him for violently acting upon them. As for my Fledgling, if he chooses to forgive Pax, that is entirely up to him. Getting back to the topic of Donovan and his unknown attacker, I know who she is. However, I find that I am hesitant to tell him who she is. I have known Donovan for almost two centuries, and knew of him for a century before that. He is my friend. Yet, something tells me that I should keep this information from him and I don't know why. Perhaps I am just interested in seeing how this ordeal plays out. I can already tell that if she is quiet, cautious, and smart she will get him. If not, he will have one less enemy to deal with. Either way, the outcome will be tragic.

From the Rantings of Keith Struckowzinski, January 7, 2001:

Java, Java, Java, Java, Java. I'm so happy! I'm so happy! Gonna have a party! Gonna be some killings! Blood for everyone! I love it! I dare say no more in this entry or I'll jinx it!

From the Diary of Tanya Skinner, January 7, 2001:

I met a man this evening. His eyes roamed over my body as he leered at me. I felt nauseous, just from his glance. When I turned to face him, he licked his lips. How I wanted to put his eyes out at that exact moment. He propositioned me and I smiled at him. It was the coyest smile I could manage. Then I pulled back the part of my wig that covers my face to let him see it. I could see the blood drain from his face. "Do you still want me?" I asked him. He said nothing to me, but simply ran like he was being chased by the Devil. I loved it.

From the Personal Log of Angelica Rosemont, January 7, 2001:

I'm a monster. My lack of feeding had, in fact, clouded my judgement. So I fed. I didn't feed from blood bags or some stray animals, I fed from human mortals. I'll say it again. I'm a monster. As I drank the life from those mortals, I felt powerful. I felt that I was above them somehow. Oh, God, I can feel some piece of my soul die just thinking that thought and feeling what I did. Please, dear God, do not allow me to develop a taste for drinking from mortals. I don't want this cursed unlife, I never did. Donovan did this to me! He made me what I am! Please, God, help me. Save my soul. Give me my revenge! Then You may have my life, such as it is, to do with as You decree. Just, PLEASE, help me end my torment!

To be continued…