Romero and Julia: A Tragic Story

We've all heard the same sappy story of two houses set against each other in mutual rivalry. Romeo and Juliet. Yeah, yeah. Whatever. So they loved each other and died together. Whoopdy-fuckin'-do. Let's try for something a little more...down to earth. And a little more modern.

Bexar County, San Antonio. Crummy neighbor hoods. People stand outside, looking casual on their front porches, as they watch new neighbors move in, hoping to catch a glimpse of something worth taking while the new neighbors are away. Sucks, don't it? Well, on the bit more civilized side of the town, there are some rather nice houses. Though, again, the neighbors are rather shady. Only these neighbors would rather ruin your financially, thinking they hold a greater social standing than others. Rich bastards. That would be the North side.

The North side, usually referred to as a title rather than a general area of town, consists of high-paid workers who produce better results for their money-barring customers than people in any other side of the city. Gives you a pretty good picture of the life around that side of town, don't it? Well, let's throw a little more naturalness into it.

Behind one front door lives seemingly common household. A mother named Nadia Rivera and her twin teenagers, Julia and Romero Rivera. Everything about them seems common. Quaint. But looks can be deceiving.

Nadia works hard to maintain the beautiful house her and her two children live in. She works two jobs, giving the nosy neighbors no reason to find too much suspicion in how a single mother of two can hold onto a two-story Victorian house in their high society neighborhood. But, just like the loving family picture show when the family is in public, everything is just a front. The money Nadia earns is never used, piling up over time to be used the way Nadia knows it's going to end up getting used as. Funeral money for her not-so-nice children.

Julia and Romero aren't abusive children, using their mother and treating her like crap. No. They treat her with long as she does the same to them. But to each other...that was a different story. They were twins and as such, they had a close relationship just short of being the same entity. But they hated each other. Down to the core. As was such a life for rival gang leaders.

"I have no knowledge of any of my men setting foot on your territory, Romero, so unless you want to start a war, don't start," the ever intelligent Julia said in a dull yet commanding tone as Romero, the more active--or hard-headed, according to Julia--twin, paced across the room in front of Julia's figure sitting delicately on the plush couch.

They waited in the lounge room for their mother, who had asked to speak with them. But, as usual, the rival twins could never be alone together without discussing a little business of their own.

"Oh, and you expect my guys to make that up?" he demanded to which Julia just raised a single, carefully shaped brow to. "They know better than to lie to me, Julia!"

Julia raised her head, her usual sign of defiance or stature. "And you think my men would go against my orders?" she rebuked in her even tone.

Romero snorted. "Men? You gotta be kidding me. They're not men. They're little pieces of sh--"

Before he finished, Julia was on her feet, a 9mm Glock in her hand, pointed to her twin's chest. But at the first sight of sudden movement, Romero pulled his own Glock from the holster placed at the small of his back, aiming at his own sister's chest as well. Their eyes held each other's for a long moment, silently coaxing the other to make the first deathly move, giving them reason to kill without meaningless intent.

"What the- Put those away!" their mother shouted to them as she stepped into the room.

Both pairs of deep brown eyes made their way to the small woman, fear layered thick on her slightly pudgy face. Nadia used to keep a decent diet but ever since her children entered into the dangerous world of rival gangs, depression and anxiety drove her to eating as a way to relieve stress. She wasn't exactly fat. To others, she simply looked like a normal mother of two hitting middle age.

The twins looked back at each other, careful not to give the other the advantage, as they slowly lowered their guns and placed them back in their hidden holsters.

Nadia let out a weary sigh. "Thank you," she said softly. She cleared her throat and began to speak again. "I, uh, wanted to share something with you two..."

Nadia was always nervous around her own children. In fact, they down right scared her.

"What's this about?" Romero asked impatiently.

Nadia bit at her bottom lip. "Well, uh..."

"She wants to announce about her new boyfriend," Julia interjected. Julia, somehow, always knew everything going on around her.

Romero scoffed.

A knocking sounded from the front door, just before it was opened without reply. Julia and Romero watched with sharp eyes as a man strolled through the doorway. He looked to be a couple years older than Nadia with a receding hairline, the onset of a beer gut, and eyes as sharp as the twins. A sign that shows he's seen it all.

Instantly, Romero didn't like him. And Julia, being the type of person she is, already knew.

"Nadia," he greeted cheerfully, looking lovingly at the small, plump woman. He gave her a quick peck on the lips then turned his attention to the seated twins. "And you must be Romero and Julia. I'm--"

"Ricardo Moreno," Julia finished.

Ricardo was a bit startled, but that was only on the surface. Both Julia and Romero could see that he expected that. As did Nadia.

Romero kept his gaze on the new arrival but projected his voice to his sister on his right. "So is he?" he asked her.

"Yes. Though I'm surprised you actually took notice."

"You want to start?"

"I'd be the one to finish," she claimed with assurance in her voice.

"Kids, please," Nadia begged.

Both attentions went back to the matter at hand.

"So, kids..." Ricardo said, trying to bring in a calm conversation.

"So you're a cop, ey?" Romero asked, though it was more of a statement.

Ricardo raised a questioning brow to him.

Julia reached to her right, pulling out a manila folder she had laying at her side. "Ricardo Antonio Moreno," she stated, handing the file to Romero to look through. "Age forty-two. Been on the force for almost twenty years. Detective in the Vice ward."

"Vice, huh?" Romero asked breezily, flipping through the file. "So he's not in the gang unit."

"No, but he mostly associates with the detectives of that unit." Julia's dark eyes made their way to her mother in order to gauge her reaction on the subject.

"I already know he's a cop. So don't try thinking that he's undercover or anything," Nadia stated strongly, a new wave of confidence in her tone. But it only seemed to guild her true emotion. Fear. Fear at what her children would do.

A devastating smirk made its way across the young girl's lips. She stood and adjusted her clothing. "Just keep him out of our way, Nadia. We wouldn't want your new boyfriend to get hurt, now would we?"

Nadia took in a quick breath. Satisfied with that, Julia turned on her rather expensive black heel and sashayed out of the room.

Ricardo's face was void of emotion. Romero grinned at the display and stood, adjusting the holster at his back. Ricardo's eyes were vigilant at the movement, making Romero's grin widen. "I'm surprised to say this but I agree with Julia. Stay out of our way. If mother dear was so comfortable talking about your poorly chosen career, it's obvious she told you of ours."

Ricardo made no attempt to even answer that.

"Have a nice day," Romero said, a tone scorching the phrase into a threat.

"What did I tell you about going into his territory?" Julia asked one of her newer members in her rather deathly calm tone.

"Not to get found," the young teen mumbled.

Julia stood and turned her back to the boy as she faced her elegant window and looked about the luscious grassy yard that decorated the back of her 'business' building. It was actually an old building tucked between a few family owned stores. Julia bought the building with...rightfully invested money. Or laundered, if you want to put it in the words of the investigators who keep trying to prove it with no avail.

"I gave simple instructions, Miguel. Get in, get what I wanted, and get out."

Miguel nervously shifted where he stood, knowing what type of person Julia was. They all knew. Which is why they knew never to cross her.

"Sorry boss. It won't happen again."

"I know."


Julia turned around and faced Jose, her right hand man and occasional bedroom companion. In his hand was a silencer-adorned gun. At his feet was the body of young Miguel.

"Get this trash out of my office," she instructed Jose as he motioned two men into the room to remove the body. "I want all my men pulled out of his area." Julia sat at the edge of her desk, her radiant long legs showing from her hiked up business suit skirt.

Jose stepped to Julia's front, standing between her legs with his hands on her thighs, moving upward and dragging the skirt up farther. "You want to stop all progress in Romero's territory?" he mumbled into her neck as her head lulled back, welcoming his lips on her skin.

"Mmh, no. Just slow things a bit." Julia gasped softly as Jose bit onto her neck while pulling her lower half towards him, wrapping her legs around his waist so she is easily exposed to his growing erection. "I have a few things to take care of at home before we can go full force."

"Understood, boss," Jose mumbled before pulling Julia into a lustful kiss. He laid her back on the desk and pressed himself against her, making sure she can feel how much he wanted her at the moment.

"That fuckin' bitch!" Romero shouted as he threw a table lamp out of a window. Glass shattered across the floor of his office. His 'business' building was much like Julia's and acquired in the same manner.

"Why can't we just run up on her land and open blow 'em away?" Emmeterio asked. He was always eager to take out Julia. The chick was hot but she was a total bitch. Emmet has had Romero's back since they were kids. Ironically enough, though, his cousin, Jose, was the second in command to Julia.

"We can't do it that way. She always expects that. I know damn well she's got shit rigged up for just that." Romero paced his small office, his gun in his hand as the barrel tapped against his temple in a frustrated habit.

"So you want to lay waste to anyone in our area who you think is one of hers?" Emmet asked boredly.

Romero sighed. "Yeah, sure. If there are any. Hopefully there are, so we can use that as an excuse to start. Get the guys on the street to check things out. Anything goes down, go after her guys. I'll give the orders and be done with it. Then I can go get me a slut and have some relaxation time."

"Sounds like a plan."

"That's the last straw," Julia stated in a deadly tone, low and ominous.

"They found her in a dumpster on Hackberry Street on the South side," Jose informed her.

It wasn't even five minutes ago that Julia was told of the news. One of her girls, a sixteen-year-old Yesenia Ramirez, was found strangled and beaten to death in a dumpster just at the border of the two territories. She was naked. She was bloody. And she was dead. His gang mark carved into her chest. Yesenia was new to the gang. She didn't know all the rules. She was one of Julia's footmen. All she had to do was stand out on the street and guide business traffic to its destination. All she had to do was take things where they needed to be. She wasn't one of Julia's prostitutes so why did the girl get into the car? Especially from a car that took her over the territory border? And if it was forced, why didn't any of her other footmen do anything?

"Have the snipers in place over the buildings near the border. I want extra hands hiding in the abandoned stores. I want provocations in that area, but make sure they're careful. And I want it all to happen this today. I want them all dead."

"Understood." Jose left her side to give the orders. He knew she had stuff to take care of at home. If it was his choice, he'd go with her.

"ROMERO!" Julia shouted as she slammed his bedroom door open.

"Julia. How nice to see you," he snickered at her. It took a whole lot to make her lose her cool.

"Why did you do her?" Julia seethed as she stepped to her brother.

Romero stood from his desk chair. "I do a lot of chicks. You'll have to narrow things down."

"Don't you fuckin' give me that bullshit. You know damn well who I'm talking about. You killed one of my girls." Julia's voice was back to being a low, deadly tone.

"One of your girls? I don't need to pay a girl to get her to sleep with me so why would I want one of your whores?" Romero asked.


Romero stumbled back, shocked that his sister actually threw a punch. He swiped his fist across his lower lip, coming away with blood.

"You fuckin' bitch," he sneered. Then he tackled her.

Julia's back hit the top of Romero's bed as she landed with an oomph. He was on top of her, one hand around her neck and the other pointing a finger in her face. "Don't ever fuckin' hit me, bitch. Unless you want a war on your hands."

Romero was much heavier than Julia and he had a tight grip of her neck. She couldn't loosen his hand from her so she wrapped her legs around his sides, squeezing her thighs together and practically crushing his ribs with her leg's strength. She doesn't do a hundred squats a day for nothing.

Romero let out a gasp and removed his hand from her neck, gripping her thighs and pushing her legs apart. He moved himself a little higher up so his hips could press against her, making it hard for her to get a grip of him and crush him again. She pushed against his chest with her fists but he only grabbed her wrists and pinned them above her.

Julia felt nothing but loathing towards her brother but being a guy, Romero couldn't help but notice that his sister's skirt was all the way up around her waist, exposing her expensive Victoria's Secret panties.

Julia noticed the unconscious movement Romero's lower half made against her. Being the resourceful person that she is, Julia decided to use the typical teenage male hormones against him to get out of under him.

Julia struggled beneath him, rubbing her lower half against him as she did so. "I won't let you get away with what you did, you bastard."

Romero lowered his mouth to Julia's ear. "Like you could ever stop me from doing something." Then he took her earlobe between his teeth, nibbling it, sucking on it. One of his hands made its way down between them, rubbing her through her panties. "I can even take you right now, ruin your reputation, and there would be nothing you could do about it." His lips went to the tender spot below her ear, kissing and licking her skin.

This was going just as Julia knew it would. And in a couple seconds, Romero would be wide open for an attack.

Romero's hand slipped into her panties and he inserted a finger into her. Julia gave out a fake strangled moan that Romero took as true pleasure. She moved one thigh up, stroking his side. She pushed her hips up, making him think that she wanted more. He pulled his hand out of her underwear, put his middle and ring finger into his mouth, and then slipped them back into her with the wetness coating his fingers making it easier for him to move them in and out. She wasn't as wet as he would like her to be.

"S-stop this...Romero," Julia fake panted, struggling with fake moans.

"Why should I?" he asked as he nuzzled into her neck, still not letting her wrists go. Much to her disliking. He kissed her neck, trailing his lips up her jaw line and to her chin. "You know you want this," he said between kisses. "So give into it." Romero bit onto her lower lip, pulling on it before slamming his lips onto hers in a painful manner.

Julia gave into the kiss, but only for one reason. And as soon as that opportunity came up, she took action. Romero slipped his tongue into her mouth and she bit down, hard.

Romero gave a grunted yell and released her wrists in order to pry her jaw loose. As soon as her wrists were free, Julia let go of his tongue and took another sing at him right when he moved back enough to give room for the punch. Romero fell off of her and hit the floor with a grunt and a curse.

"My guys are ready to kill. And they're just itching for a fight. I think that at this moment, they've already moved onto your land," Romero snickered.

"Well, that's great," Julia said with a devious smirk. Not the reaction Romero was expecting. "I already have my people ready and waiting. Your guys are walking into a death trap."

Romero was enraged. He knew she'd be one step ahead but he sent his guys into waiting arms. "You fuckin' bitch."

"Don't worry. It doesn't matter. After all, you're going to die right now."

Julia pulled a small gun from back, under her opened suit jacket. As she took aim for her brother, he pulled a blade from his ankle strap and spun, catching her by surprise. He plunged the blade into her just as she pulled the trigger, burring a bullet into his chest, a mirror wound to the one the knife made.

Blood built up in their chests, trickling down from the corner of their mouths.

"Born together," Julia murmured.

"Die together," Romero finished.

He laid one last kiss on his sister's lips before they fell to the floor, seemingly in each other's arms, and died.

What a horrific site for a mother to see. Nadia gazed emptily as twin caskets settled into the ground. She had ran to her son's room when the oh-so-familiar sound of a gun went off. She found her children in each other's arms, dead.

Ricardo was called away to tame a gang fight that broke out in the streets at the border of the twins' territories. So many children died. Well, they were between fourteen and thirty but most of them were children in the eyes of a mother. But now, Nadia had no children.

Ricardo was at Nadia's side. He stayed with her through the rosary and funeral. The burial was the hardest on her. It was the solid proof of her loss. Her children had finally killed each other. Rival gang leaders, brother and sister, dieing in each other's arms, by each other's hands. Oh how ironic everything was.