The Union

Story by annajade

Lorona Carson was a fanatic of the Civil War and more to her surprise she found a secret attic room in Montgomery Hall that depicted the hardships of a woman's life. But also she uncovered a forbidden love story with a Union girl and a Confederate.

Author's Note.

Okay, to let you folks know right off the bat, this story will be coming back. It's not going to be forever gone.
I'm just going to take a few months gathering information and to fling away the writer's block I have with The Union, especially since it hasn't progressed the way I wanted too.
No, it's not mostly because of reviews, or lack thereof, that I'm taking it down.
Don't worry, readers, I'll come back to it. But right now, I want to focus on ending The Highlander Series and the other stories until I come back to this one.

I apologize for not completing it and paying attention to it as much as I was. But hope for the writer's block to clear and I'll be posting it again, re-written and more chapters to come.

Many wishes and happy readings,
Anna of the annajade