Heartbreak misery

What had started out as a lovely summers evening had turned into chaos. I looked at the devastation that had been caused. Thousands of lives lost forever, thousands more damaged beyond repair. And for what? Power? Money? Just plain evil, perhaps. The once large and expensive houses lay in pieces on the ground, hiding countless numbers of families, trashing countless numbers of dreams. Children wandered helplessly through the rubble, searching for their parents. Parents wandered helplessly through the rubble, searching for their children. It was a never-ending circle of pain, one that could have been avoided if there had been one degree of calmness within the world.

They didn't have anything to worry about, they were safe and so were their families. They had their whole lives ahead of them and they had all the time in the world. Yet they didn't even stop for two seconds to see the horror that they had caused, to see the lives they ruined and the needless suffering of thousands because of their actions.

The sky was still black and it hovered over the terrified people, threatening at any moment to swoop down and engulf the vulnerable. Yet on the far side of the sky, past all the hurt and agony, a streak of light could be seen fighting its way through the darkness, making its way to those who had faith. This was where the angels sat, ready and willing to reach out and take by the hand, those who could no longer go on. This was where I sat, watching the horror unfold. I had been one of the weaker people, I had given up too early, but I'd refused to go into the darkness, and there I stayed, waiting in the light, for my family, friends, everybody who mattered to me.

I frantically scanned each new crowd of people, my heart soaring when I saw a girl with the same colour top as my daughter, and falling again when I saw another woman go up and reunite when her child. It had been an horrifying and emotional day. It had all gone so quickly that I'd had no time to collect my thoughts. I moved back slightly, so the nightmare could no longer distract me, closed my eyes and let the whole day come flooding back into my mind. It was all so clear now, as if it had happened just seconds ago, not almost twenty-four hours ago. It was oddly calming to witness once more, the life I'd had before the attack. I held onto that memory with all my strength.

It had started off as a beautiful day. The sun was scorching us from high in the sky as we lay on the grass in the park, making shapes in the clouds. The kids always loved doing this and the images they came up with were fascinating. My daughter, Ally, had found a gingerbread man and my son, Jack, had seen a power ranger. My husband, James, had fallen asleep. It all sounded too much like hard work to him. We headed on over the play park afterwards and the kids spent the whole time on the swings. They loved to go as high as possible and Ally said ''I want to reach heaven''. I sighed now as I thought back on what she had said. It was all too real a possibility now.

We took the kids to McDonald's as a treat that evening and then headed home because we were all becoming a bit tired. We put them straight to bed when we got in and sat down to watch some TV. I turned on the news channel and gasped as headlines flashed across the screen too fast to read. They were all warnings. Warnings of something disastrous about to happen. The newsreader said they had no clue as to what was going on, but they had gotten an anonymous tip off that the entire country was in immediate danger. My heart stopped as I realised there was nothing to do but wait, for the unknown. James was already a the door, with Ally and Jack in his arms, begging me to leave with him.

''But where are we to go? We might end up in even greater danger if we leave. They said the whole country was under threat. Nowhere is safe right now'' I had said to him, and he listened, because he knew I as right. We both did. There was nothing that could make things better right now. Nobody knew what was coming, so nobody could prepare.

Just then the news of the first attack appeared on the screen. Bombs had been dropped all over one of the major cities up north, so many that it was doubtful anyone could survive. We were in the middle of a one sided war. Our army wasn't prepared and had no means of fighting back against the enemy. Over the next half hour we watched, horrified, as more attacks were made, each moving further and further down the country. It wouldn't be long before they reached us. We had put the kids out into the playroom, and we could hear them laughing, completely unaware of the evil events going on. That was the way we wanted it, there was no point in scaring them too, it was inevitable that we would get attacked, we wanted them to enjoy their last few moments of peace, or life, as it didn't look likely we would all survive this. The attacks were nearing us and then suddenly, the TV channel cut out. The capital had been hit.

We switched over to an international news channel and saw the horrors unfold before our eyes. The whole country was on fire. Fire and smoke was all that was visible. Every now and then, over the sound of the bombs and sirens, we could hear a child scream out for his mother or a man yell as he was crushed under the ever-falling buildings. It was like watching a horror movie, except this couldn't be turned off; you couldn't shut your eyes and make it all go away. This time, we were starring in the horror movie, and the world was the audience.

We sat in the silence for what seemed like forever. Then all of a sudden, we heard a deafening noise coming from outside, from the skies. James ran and got the kids and we legged it down to the basement. We huddled in the corner as the house began to shake and the noise overcame everything else. The walls began to fall away and the ceiling was cracking. Parts of it were falling down on our heads. Ally, who had been frozen with fear, was now shaking from top to bottom, nothing but pure fear in her eyes. Jack started crying and screaming at the top of his lungs. Eventually the shaking stopped and I realised I was on my own. I couldn't see anybody. I tried to call out but couldn't find my voice. I was also in pain but I didn't know where. It seemed to be coming from everywhere yet nowhere at the same time. My head was pounding. I thought I heard someone call out my name but then all went black. I felt the strangest sensation, like I was being carried.

Then I found myself in the light. Looking down at the heartbreaking scenes below me, watching my world end.