A choice been made, options weighed, should I of stayed?
Scenarios played, opinions swayed, should I be afraid?

I have allowed myself to be draw in, hooked, addicted
With that comes a time of waiting, its length to be predicted.
Rhyming delicately, the words fall out of my mouth
Held so closely, if you listen you will hear me now.
For these are the whispers of my heart's wonderings.

Making a difficult sacrifice, I chose to wait until forever.
Our love will surely suffice, even if that means never.
Rejection from all sides, I cling to the strength of you
It will be worth it, I decide, as we enter situations new.
For our friendship, trust, love is the start of something

Tears fill your sea of blue, as my emerald greens water
Promises break through when barriers begin to shorten
The pain you see is only for a while, we agree "one day"
Tenderly you will kiss my smile as I tell you I am okay.
For I peek around the corner and see I am no longer waiting.