One floor, thirty feet
you were there
but I wasn't.
Right above all the time
but oblivious
to the other's existence.

Passed many a time
but unseen remained.
Same classmates
knew the same people,
but never once met,
as the time grew short.
Crossed paths once,
joking embrace,
but never knew
what was to come

A chance meeting
after a schedule change
and all was changed.
Fate rewritten,
a friendship was found.
Carried on as before
but they found each other.
Knowing who to look for,
in the halls they stood out.
No longer ghosts on the face of time,
fading into nonexistence,
she was give a reason to smile.

Close they became,
as jokes came to be serious.
Valentines' passed
as their moment skipped by.
Time was lost to them
as both missed the signs.
They embraced
and neither wanted to leave,
though both pushed away.
Spirits of the past haunted
and the pair feared rejection and loss.

Pressure and heart to heart,
finally the question posed.
Neither hesitated and
they snared happiness.
She looked at him for the first time
and he was changed.
A new warmth in his eyes,
she couldn't help but smile.
Time slowed to a crawl,
but the hourglass emptied.
Time was the commodity they were losing
as they couldn't restock.
Plotted to get around the constraint,
they weren't leaving each other.
It was "see you later."
Not "goodbye."
They would always have each other.

Driving past your house,
I was there,
but you weren't.
So close, feet away,
but we're unknown to each other.