TBL- :shrugs: I like it, except for the ending. I'm finally getting off my lazy butt again I guess and decided to post some poems. This is the first of the lot. Hope you enjoy as always.


You cannot touch…catch…or understand

This necessary "evil" of the world

You cannot grasp knowledge of or take a stand

Against the predator that lurks behind the corner ever ready to attack

You can try to outrun it all your life but swiftly and silently it stalks you

Red eyes suddenly protrude from the darkness that has engulfed our world

Searching for the next victim to which it knows what exactly to do

The hidden dragon's wings unfurl…it is now time to get ready

Its eyes come to a halt when they land upon someone new

The bells are tolling and the people are mourning

For the inevitable is coming and it's coming for you

And on a nice night when you are enjoying the times…