As the leaves crunch and collapse
As the wind lifts higher
Ascending higher
We stand here with blood
Shining in the ray-pierced light
Our hopes crushed like the leaves.

Did you see such discontent?
Rising like the wind
A hero fallen
A heroine absent
Together the wind will crush their dreams
Crushed like the leaves.

And as the trees open their branches
We too feel the warm light above
But the light is no panacea
It can't heal all wounds.
And this cure-all will fail.
It will fall, the hero will end
Crushed like the leaves.

Legacies and epics fall
Like painful rain
Soaking into our skin like knives
And soon the hero will die
And collapse on the ground
Submission to the discontent
Crushed like the leaves.

May your final moments
Not fall by survival's foolish hand.
For you will soon be crushed
Like leaves.

Leaves that will sow the earth of the future.