Night night,
Sleep tight
Don't let the bed bugs bite
Never fear
I will be here
In the morning all will be clear.

May pleasant dreams fill your mind
May Mab be gentle, sweet and kind
May she softly lightly tread
That you sleep soundly in your bed.

Lie down now and go to sleep,
An all-night vigil I will keep.
So you be safe and you be calm,
I'll ward off evil and prevent harm.

Lay you down
Close your eyes
You'll be safe, I'm standing by
I will watch
Until the dawn
And when you waken I'll be gone.

For I may only come at night
To dance and bathe in the moonlight,
An when Sol rises in the East
My time here with you will ceases

Protective arms I wrap around
You, that you may sleep sound.

So night night,
Pleasant dreams.
The dark is safer than it seems.

A/N Mab is the celtic faerie queen and is often
associated with the imaginary and dream worlds.