Ty frowned as he leaned back against the wall and watched the woman across the street. Smoky black hair fell in dark waves about her shoulders, half-hiding one of her pale green eyes. Full red lips tempted him, teasing him with a wicked grin. Pale alabaster skin looked as smooth as glass and as soft as the down on a baby gosling. Thick black heels made her seem three inches taller, and long, shapely legs hid under dark mesh hose and a short black skirt barely covered her round buttocks. She had an ample bosom underneath a low u-necked, skin-tight red shirt.

She played the part of a prostitute well, Ty realized. She was everything a man would physically want in a woman he bedded – if only for the night. Even he could feel his skin growing hot with lust, and sweat trickled down his forehead as he resisted the urge to cross the street and claim her for his own.

Lowering his eyes to the ground, Ty shifted and made sure he had the silver case. He couldn't let her get away, not this time.

The sound of drunken laughter drifted to his ears, and he watched as two friends stumbled toward the woman laughing and pointing. Ty's jaw tightened. These two didn't stand a chance. She could eat them for breakfast, spit them out, and eat them again, and she had every intention of letting these two drunken idiots take her home for their amusement, but Ty knew it would end up being for her amusement.

"Better not to stop her yet," he thought to himself. "She still suspects something's amiss."

He watched grimly as pleasant but sexual remarks were tossed around like common banter, and then the two young men – each escorting the woman – led her on down the street to where they lived.

"First rule: never invite one into your home," Ty thought as one young man opened the door and the other showed her inside.

Ty sighed and left the shadows, leaping into the air with all his might and landing on the roof where he took his station on a nearby building where he had a clear view of the house the young men and the woman were in.

On the roof, he bent and opened the silver case he was carrying. He assembled the sniper rifle with practiced ease, testing the sight and sliding a few rounds into the barrel even though he knew he'd only need one.

The young men were pawing at the woman, fighting with each other about who could get her first. She was just smiling to herself as she watched them, her eyes starting to glow with emerald light. Ty growled as he felt his own eyes begin to glow with violet power. His teeth lengthened as they always did before he got ready to make a kill.

"Soon," he thought, watching her stroke the young men with light fingers – teasing them, heightening their excitement.

All of a sudden, she froze and looked up – straight at Ty.

"Now!" he thought and took the shot, glad he had the suppresser attached.

The window shattered as the shot traveled across the space between the buildings at a downward angle and blasted through the window in front of which the woman was standing.

"UV rounds, Lilith," Ty whispered, his breath so low, he knew only she would hear him.

He had been tracking her for several hundred years – since she had created him – and now, finally, he had won.

Light spilled from her core as she screamed and exploded into millions of dust particles.

Ty lowered the sniper rifle with a sigh, feeling over a thousand years old at the moment.

"It's over," he thought and left the roof, taking the long way to the apartment he was renting across town. Revenge was sweet, and tomorrow night was a new day.