A/N: Hi, Basically I'm just a first time user who is posting up all her old stuff. If it sounds like anything you've heard it's just a coincidence. I don't like all my old stuff but I'm not changing it so if the styles seem very different the different dates are the reason.


In the desert the sand piles,

It gathers into dunes.

The dunes stretch on for miles,

On other distant moons.

In the sea the water surges,

Foam cresting on the waves.

Above it all the moon urges,

The water crashes in distant caves.

In the sky clouds do form,

And thunder rolls across the sky.

In the mighty thunderstorm,

Lightning flashes and heavens cry.

In the valleys echoes sing,

Rebounding off rock faces.

Voices light as swallows wing,

Echoing in tiny spaces.

In the plains grasses sway,

Moving with the wind.

Listen to what the voices say,

The veil between us now has thinned.

In the mountains at the heights,

The jagged rocks are stark.

The sun sets in fading lights,

The sky is going dark.

In the snow the waters froze,

The wind is sharp and cold.

Daylight comes and daylight goes,

As people keep growing old.

In the forest the animals call,

They chatter and converse.

They meet at the waterfall,

Drink and then disperse.

Listen carefully to a star,

Listen for it's song.

Wander near and wander far,

Listen but don't stay long.



Written: 17/10/03