I remember enjoying that zoo-like

class you taught.

I remember gazing into your blue eyes

which revealed a sense of success and direction.

I saw myself in your eyes

that day.

I saw you believing in me to

achieve more.

You made me believe in myself.

Then you said it,

"Make me proud."

I couldn't resist.

Tick tock on the clock and we were brought together like magnets.

You positive,

I negative.

Each student thrived to bring you happiness.

This procedure became a daily


We would grasp your sense of pride and

remain jolly until the following day.

18 weeks of happiness.

Perfect operation.

At our closing moments, I became positive.

Your passive actions created my conduciveness.

As time excelled, our magnets


You left us.

You abandoned me.

I remember something you said, "There's a chance I might

not see any of your faces again."

I felt a chill rise up my spine as my heart sunk.

A significant piece of me died when I realized

your removal from us.

An important piece of everyone died.

But the pain hit me the hardest as

teardrops smothered upon my face in disbelief.

The excitement of simply seeing your

face on a daily occurrence was gone.

Your rosy smile and witty ways escaped aside our side.

Your everyday joy and well-developed passion was gone.

Worst of all,

your perfect personality was put in my past.

Every unblemished trait that you emulated and we

grew to love,

was pushed away in my minds eye.

A section of me was broken.

A piece of me was shattered.

But a piece of you will be carried

with me forever.

With or without your return, your life

will never be forgotten

in mine.