Chronicles of a Vampire Queen

Chronicles of a Vampire Queen

By: Allison Treese

A stillness hung in the air that was hard for him to place. It could either be grief for their fallen queen or her oppressive authority still looming over them, ready to impale them if they shed no tears; it was probably both. In any case, everyone was silent as they looked at the cold face of the deceased. The only sounds to be heard were weeping and the flapping of bat wings from some unknown source.

"How ironic," he thought to himself, "A vampire being buried in a coffin and mourned as if she had not already been dead to begin with." It was simply one of the things that were so ironic about the life of their first queen, Angeline Tzenn.

The crowd parted as the queen's eldest daughter came forward. She leaned in and kissed her mother's pale face, then turned around and scanned the rest of the funeral guests with her crimson eyes. Her face was expressionless and cold.

"Many people do not know who my mother truly was," she said, "And those who think they do are mistaken. I was mistaken myself...that is, until a month or so ago."

"Oh, no..." he thought, placing the palm of his left hand on his forehead, "She isn't going she?"

"This fine vampire," the princess said, nodding towards him, earning him the piercing gaze of dozens of curious red eyes, "Helped me document my mother's life. For, you see, she could tell. She could tell that she was about to die. You all said that she was paranoid, that she was sick, that she was thirsty, but, no, she knew her time was running out. Because of this, she allowed only the two of us into her chambers to speak with her and write down all that she told us, and what she told us was remarkable." She pulled out a stack of papers from underneath her green mourning-cloak (green being the color of mourning for vampires) and cleared her throat before proceeding. "She asked us to burn this as soon as she was gone, but I just couldn't do it. It's such a terrible waste, you see."

She inhaled, ready to begin her story-telling, when a roar of fluttering wings interrupted. A giant swarm of bats came tearing through the funeral, leather and fangs and fur moving wildly together as if they were one. The princess shrieked as the papers were dropped from her hands and scattered across the room. Panic erupted but subsided quickly as the bats exited through an open window, flying off into the sunset.

Silence followed, but very different then the one before. All the gloom and heaviness felt earlier during the funeral had vanished, and the guests found that they could breathe easier, the deliciously dark mood now ruined.

"Alright!" said the princess, smoothing her hair down then clapping her gloved hands together, "Everyone help me pick up the papers and see if we can put them back into the right order! I don't want ANYONE leaving until we do so!"

He bent down to begin the search and looked back at Queen Angeline out of the corner of his eye. Was it just him, or did the corpse just smirk?