Those last words drifted like a steam up to the high ceiling as the mourners stood in silent disbelief

Those last words drifted like a steam up to the high ceiling as the mourners stood in silent disbelief. They looked at the corpse before then, amazed that the same person who had oppressed them, made them work like slaves, and forbid them from ever mingling with humans could have written such words. Most believed it to be a hoax, but some, such as Arthur, readily accepted it.

"Incredible!" he breathed, "This makes me want to find the rest even more!"

"Well, said, Arthur!" said the crowned princess, smiling at him like one might smile at a young child, "Let's all share his enthusiasm and gather the second chapter!"

Arthur heard his twin sister's aggravated sigh, which cut into his heart like a hot knife. He had no idea why she hated him so much, seeing as she was one of the most important people in his life. Perhaps she hated him because he readily accepted all of the responsibilities she despised, or perhaps it was because he didn't try to act tuff like the other vampire men who bragged constantly about how many humans they killed.

Arthur had never fit in with the other males of the castle, but, for some reason, all of the castle women adored him. They invited him to eat with them, to play cards with them, to go to parties with them…they even confided some of their darkest secrets in him! He prided himself in being able to keep quiet, but so many vampiresses pressed him for juicy gossip that he began to tell small little stories, that, to him, seemed to mean nothing. They were always trivial things like who mistakenly wore yellow to afternoon blood, but to the castle women, it was scandal. On top of that, he never looked at or talked to them in any lewd way whatsoever, so they always felt comfortable around him. The only vampiress who was not practically in love with him was the one that he loved the most-his sister, Luna. When they were little, the two of them were inseparable. At night, they would devise schemes to escape lessons or play pranks on their teachers, enduring their scolding and punishments as bravely as lions, knowing that at least they were going down together. At day time, they would imagine escape routes and dream of a better future. But, as the years went by, Luna began to grow away from him, like a branch splitting apart at its end, to the point where he sometimes wondered if he even knew her anymore.

Wanting to take his mind off of his family problems, he started gathering up as many pages as he could. He would then turn the pages in to the princess, whose kind smile and gentle words always filled his heart with pride and relief. After a while, he decided to take a break and read the pages that he held in his hands.

I felt a sharp tug at the bottom of my pants leg and fell forward, reaching my hand out for the door. My hand fell upon the door knob as the weight of my body turned it. I kicked the hand away and, doing my best to ignore the sobs and screams of the prisoners in the cage below me, shoved the door open and raced inside. I panted, standing still as a statue as I laid eyes upon Vanessa-weak, starving, beaten, and in the grasp of him. Anselm. My heart skipped a beat.

"Anselm!" I said weakly, "Wh-What are you doing here?"

"I'm here because Vanessa was my best pupil," he said in his rich, masculine voice, "I can not abandon her when she is in danger, even if she is a prisoner."

I let out a sigh, which was either of relief, or admiration, or both.

"Well, I'll call for Renfield," I said, smiling like a dolt, "Oh! You don't know Renfield do you? He's my bat servant!"

You idiot! I remember thinking, This is not the time to be blushing and flirting! Vanessa is in DANGER!!

"Oh?" Anselm said, the moonbeams illuminating his fiery red hair, "We seem to have a misunderstanding."

My heart sank sickeningly into my stomach as I heard the cocking of a gun.

"My pupil is in very grave danger, and I'm looking right at her."