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Title: Drinks and Reminiscing : TFP LOST CHAPTER

Rating: PG

Warnings: Sexual content, language, innuendoes and shounen-ai


Limes/sexual content/shounen-ai- This revolves around this, if you are offended, stay away.

Innuendoes- Of course there will be sexual innuendoes in this piece.

Language- If this offends you, steer clear

Genre- Romance/Psychological/Angst

Pairings: Shouen-ai

Summary: ONE SHOT. SHOUNEN-AI. Kusarigane and Araki had always been there for each other as friends but will one day at the bar make them cross the line, or will it simply be a moment of comfort. SIDE STORY TO TORN FAMILY PORTRAIT


Drinks and Reminiscing : TFP LOST CHAPTER


Co-written by: Melissa Norvell


Araki hung up the phone after talking to his friend regarding the death of the woman he had once loved. He walked over to his closet to find some clothes to get dressed. He was going to head down to the bar to drink his sorrow away. Tsunami had died- his love and his life- and you can only bet that he was more then bitter towards Taigumo-her killer and man that her care was entrusted to.

An angry look was plastered on his face as his thoughts raced. 'Taigumo is a lying, two-faced bastard! How could I let him play me like a fool and so easily…He killed her in cold blood, over what? But then I can't necessarily believe that he did, after all. Blaze told me and Blaze could be lying. Tsunami didn't deserve such a fate, she was so kind and generous and not to mention the most beautiful being I had ever seen…'He laid his pajamas neatly on the bed. They were folded and laid flat against the soft surface.

'Fucking people…don't have any respect for other's property…I should have made him clean it up. He did it…' The brown-haired man thought to himself as he recalled the mess that Blaze had made in his house earlier during their argument. The young man slipped on his pants, shirt and tennis shoes as he continued to seethe to himself. 'If I find that Blaze is lying, that mother fucker can might as well go to the graveyard and bury himself alive because it would be less painful then when I get a hold of him and as far as Taigumo goes, if he did kill her then he's going to wish that he'd NEVER BEEN BORN!'

The man was so angry that he could hardly see straight. 'I don't know who to trust, especially if my choices are limited as these two…' Araki then headed over to the bathroom and began to start brushing his shoulder-length, straight hair frantically. He had a meeting to attend and he didn't want to be late. 'I'd better hurry if Kusarigane is waiting. I don't think he wants to wait for me for long, plus I said that I'd be there soon.'

"Replacement!" He commanded as he then disappeared in a puff of smoke. 'I hope this will help. Drinking always takes the pain away, even if it is temporary.' His thoughts carried as he appeared in front of a quaint little cabin-looking building. He walked inside to see his old friend, Kusarigane near the bar. The spiky-haired man was seated on a bar stool. He walked over and took a seat beside of him and said 'hey' in a low, friendly tone.

"Oh, you finally got here." The blue-eyed man replied as he glanced at his friend.

"Yeah, I'm in the mood for something that will, well, in laymen's terms 'fuck me up'. You still celebrating?" Araki replied.

"Yes I am, and never say that again." Kusarigane remarked with a sly smirk at the perverted implications of the phrase 'fuck me up.'

Araki agreed and then proceeded to order a drink. "I'm glad you were awake when I called. I wouldn't want to wake you." He commented. After all, when all of the commotion began it had been very late and Araki himself was already asleep.

"Nah, just celebrating a mission."

"Ah, "He replied as the drink was sat in front of him. He took the cold glass in his hand and chugged it, "I don't know what to do, Kusarigane…Should I believe Blaze and kill Taigumo because you said he wouldn't have preformed replacement if he hadn't…Maybe I shouldn't do anything."

"Or maybe you should kill them both." His spiky-haired friend remarked.

"Tempting…" Araki looked thoughtful for a few moments. "It would make me feel a lot better about the situation." His lips slightly curved as his mind was plagued with sadistic thoughts. "Whatever happens, happens I guess…" He took another drink. "Seeing them in a bloody pulp beneath me…"

"Sounds like a plan to me." Kusarigane was as casual as ever. "It's about time someone knocked Blaze on his ass, he thinks he's so much better then everyone else."

"Yeah, he does and Taigumo is just a bitch and he's fucking sly as a fox…Trying to play the innocent part…"

"Well you believed him, Dumbass. I already told you about him but you didn't listen to a damned thing I said."

"Sorry. I guess I'm the 'learn the hard way' kind of person." Araki replied as he traced the rim of the glass with one long, elegant finger.

"You have a funny way of thinking for a ninja. Usually that kind of stuff will get you killed." Kusarigane remarked.

"Yeah…Kusarigane? We've known each other for how long?" Araki asked as his body had felt drunk due to the fact that he drank at least six alcoholic beverages. His cheeks were flushed and a sorrowful expression was plastered on his face.

"A long ass time…"

"I was just thinking that you're my only friend and it's kinda nice to have someone keep me sane all these years."

"Same here…" Kusarigane agreed. The tanned man then felt a gentle hand rested on his shoulder and could hear a young laugh from his friend. "Buddy…I dunno where we'd be without each other. After all, we are the two strongest ninja in all of Japan- a real team."

"No damn Blaze is gonna beat me." Kusarigane smirked. His vision was a little clouded and he'd drank at least ten drinks but he could pack away the alcohol better then his friend.

"Not even a competition there…" Araki smiled.

"I don't know whatever the hell made him think he was."

"Beats me…He can't stand up to my sexy best friend." The brown-haired man continued to laugh as his friend's cheeks flushed a slight pink.

"I'm not that sexy…" Kusarigane muttered. It was a little odd for another man to call him sexy. He didn't know if it was the alcohol or his emotions running haywire but he felt hot and a little fluttery inside as if the butterflies in his stomach had been frantically trying to shoot up to his chest.

Araki leaned over him and ran a thumb across his cheek. "I think you are…" His voice was low and seemed oddly seductive.

"What are you, drunk or something?" The spiky-haired man couldn't help but blush more. He didn't try to move away. He was drunk and any movement would most likely be thrown off and this was his best friend. He didn't want to back away from him. Araki's love had been killed and he was sad. Maybe he was just being lonely.

"I might be now but I've always thought you were attractive…truthfully."


"I'm dead serious." To assure his friend that he had been serious, he affirmed it with an expression to match.

"But I'm not gay."

"Neither am I…But I can't deny that I think you are attractive." Araki replied. He couldn't lie to his friend. He often found himself admiring the Black Ninja. His tanned skin, lean body and well-defined muscles which locked in that strong heart and opinionated mind. His stoic face and prominent features from his black, arched brows to his piercing deep blue eyes, it was as if an angel popped out of a Renaissance painting.

"Uh…so are you…" Kusarigane didn't know why, but he felt really awkward about saying something like that. It wasn't something that men just said to each other, unless they were of the same persuasion.

"Really? You think so?" Araki flushed a little. He was flattered to know that his friend at least thought he was nice-looking, even if he wasn't homosexual. His friend's agreeing words was enough to stimulate something deep within him. His hand trailed over that, smooth, tanned skin and over towards his ear, where it hung around and massaged the lobe. A look of fondness was reflected through brown mirrors.

"What are you doing?" Kusarigane wasn't sure he knew what Araki's intentions were. He was acting very strange today.

"Admiring your eyes…" The other man replied in a wistful voice.

"My eyes?" The spiky-haired man arched an eyebrow.

"Yeah…I like them." Araki almost seemed as if he were in a trance.

"You do?"

"Yes…I like the color…and they are so maniacal."





"Yeah?" Kusarigane answered his spaced-out question only to notice that the older man's head was slowly moving in to capture his lips. He asked him what he was doing and the only answer he got was an apology. "I know I'm drunk but I'm not-"

"I know…shit; I don't even know why I did that." Araki beat himself up.

Kusarigane was silent. The ninja simply examined him. Araki asked if he was alright and he told him that he was fine, even though his emotions had ran haywire for that brief moment in time. Navy blue eyes watched as the brown-haired man took another chug from his drink.

"I couldn't help it."

"It's not that special."

"What's not that special?"


"You are special to me." Araki tried to reason.

"How so?" Kusarigane's question was nonchalant.

"Well, who has been with my whiny ass all these years and you're my best friend…"

"You're mine too…"

"And you have a sense of humor and you always make me laugh." A small smile crept to his face when he thought about their conversations and nasty jokes to one another.

"What else?"

"You're handsome; you always know what to say." The long-haired man complimented.

"Then how come I don't right now?" Kusarigane asked. He looked a little perplexed by what had been going on. He didn't understand why his friend was flirting with him and hitting on him as he was. The only conclusion he could come up with was that he was drunk. When Araki was drunk, there was really nothing he could do but suck it up and deal with him. The brown-haired ninja had been hurting and by tomorrow, he would have forgotten about it.

"I guess you're speechless…like I was…"

"What are you talking about?" Like he was? What the hell was that supposed to mean?

"You make me speechless…Why do you think I always talk to you?" Araki asked.

"Uh…you're my friend?" Wasn't that the obvious answer?

"But you don't ever feel something more…I mean, never mind. I shouldn't be saying this…"

"What are you talking about?" The more his friend spoke, the more it creeped him out and the less he really made sense. What was he trying to insinuate between them?

"Don't you think there could be something more between us?"

"Uh…I guess…but I am straight." Kusarigane tried to affirm this with him. Maybe since he was drunk he hadn't taken that fact in the last three times he'd stated it.

"Yeah…" Araki replied, and then took a long drink of his beverage. "You never wanted to…experiment?"

"What?" No! No he didn't and he damn sure didn't now!

"I guess not…great…" Araki sulked. "Now I guess you think I'm weird…I can't help it you know, to see what it's like. I'm sorry, I'm just lonely."

"Hey, I'm lonely too…But why the hell are you attracted to me?" The black-haired man asked. They were both currently single and out of everyone, they had hung out with each other the most. Kusarigane has had many conversations with his friend over the loneliness issue.

"I don't know. It's like no matter what, you are there whatever the problem is my fault or not…and you understand me like no one else." Araki replied as he looked at him.

"It's the same for you but we are team mates so of your so we're always together. Are you turning bi-sexual on me?" Kusarigane asked. Maybe spending so much time with another man had gotten to him and made him question himself. Maybe he needed to spend more time with people of the feminine persuasion.

"Of course, we are always together but I don't know. I can't stop feeling like there might be more." Araki took another drink from the beverage that was in front of him. His friend thought that he really didn't need to drink any more…Kusarigane was drunk but not as drunk as Araki.

"Like what?"

"Well, like maybe friends with benefits…It's not about the 'benefits' though, more about the intimacy…the closer bond…I just want to be loved." The brown haired man looked sad.

"So do I…" Kusarigane had no idea of what he was saying. This was clearly the alcohol talking.

"Kusa…" Araki put a hand on his forearm.


The lighter-haired man kissed Kusarigane's strong shoulder lightly before he rested his head on it. "Nothing…I love being close to you." His voice had a strong fondness of it. The black ninja was powerless to shove him back even if he wanted to. The alcohol had already taken affect and he no longer had any control over his own body.

He blushed. "I like being close to you too." His voice was a whisper but the feeling was genuine and not so alcohol induced. He really did like being close to the other man. Kusarigane felt that he could confide in him.

"Really? You don't like anyone else to get this close…" Araki replied as he clasped his arm around the other male's muscular one.

"I only trust you, Araki…"

"Kusa, look at me." Araki traced the side of the other's chiseled features. Those navy blue eyes set their sights on the smiling man's form as the two looked at each other in a moment of silence. Araki asked him if he could kiss him and then stated that he really had needed it. He didn't want the black ninja to think that he was even stranger then he was. Kusarigane was still half-way coherent to hear what his friend had asked. The spiky-haired man asked him what kind of kiss he wanted. After all, Araki wouldn't leave him alone until he let him do something. A peck on the cheek couldn't hurt, could it?

"Just a peck." His suspicion was clarified by that statement. Araki had wanted a kiss. "Five seconds…nothing too bad…if you don't want to…"

"I don't see the harm in it." The other male made up his mind before his friend even gave the sentence. He had prepared himself for it mentally for a good ten minutes. He could feel the other man's feminine hand caress his cheek. Kusarigane could then feel Araki's finger gently trace his lips before his cheek was gently kissed by the other man. After about five seconds passed, Araki reluctantly broke the kiss and rested his head on the other man's strong chest and wrapped both arms around him as a few tears fell from his brown eyes.

A large, tanned hand caressed the back of the other man's head as he cried and let out the occasional sniffle. Araki wrapped both of his arms securely around the taller man as he hugged his lean form and listened to his heart beat. He could hear the other man's deep voice ask him what was wrong.

Araki gripped the back of his shirt with both hands. "Are you sure I'm attractive?" He asked. It didn't seem like many women were interested in him, so why would Kusarigane think he was even good looking?

"Yes, why?" Kusarigane wondered why he would ask a question like that.

"No reason, I just needed to hear you say that…have it come from you…since you know…" The tan man could feel another kiss that was delivered to his bare chest through the neck hole in his button-up shirt.

"Why am I so special to you, Araki?"

"Because, well…I can't explain it… I love being with you. You make me feel not so lonely. You are my medicine that makes me feel so good."

"You are close to me too." Kusarigane hugged him tightly. He didn't like seeing his friend in pain, so he figured that he would comfort him just this once. There was no harm in a kiss and some hugs. "Don't worry about not being attractive because you are. Hell, you are more beautiful then I am." A lazy smile crept on the man's face.

"Kusa…beautiful…I like the kiss…You are beautiful as well…" Araki sighed with a smile on his face. Even if he was drunk, he liked this feeling and was pretty sure that it wasn't from the alcohol. It was indeed something…different that he had felt for his friend and at times like this, he started to question his preferences. Was he really straight? Was he turning out to be bi-sexual or even gay?

"Don't let the Tsunami thing get you down. I'm sure you'll get your revenge…and then, perhaps you'll find peace and a sense of conclusion to the things that trouble you and you know…I'll always be there for you."

"Thanks…You always know what to say…I love you…" Araki's loving words trailed off as he rested his head back on the other man's chest. "I'm glad you will always be here."

Even though they were just friends and both of them denied having the least bit of romantic feelings for men they couldn't help but have a close bond that no one but them understood. No matter what happened, they would always be there to support each other-whether it be as lovers or friends.

…And that is one thing that neither one of them would change, because moments like this made them realize how close their bond truly was.


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