Note: this contains yaoi (male x male love, usually of the sexual nature), twincest (incest between twins), and catboys (that one explains itself). If you have a problem with any of this, please go elsewhere.

Your fingers in my hair
That sly "come hither" stare
You've stripped my conscience bare
It's witchcraft...
-Frank Sinatra

Time had never passed quite so slowly. It crept by in tiny drops, crushing all hope of the wait being short. Never in his life had Otori Akira been so excited, and his excitement amplified the fact that he had to wait, making the whole situation even more unbearable.

Akira was practical, and he knew it. Usually, emotions were not something that ruled him. He was patient and sensible, and normally this situation would not have been a problem. He would have done his homework or watched the news, calm and patient. But today was completely different, sparked with the kind of glittering excitement that could not be ignored. It was a day he had waited for since he was barely old enough to be aware of who he was.

He had found out at an early age that he was a twin. What had never happened, however, was a meeting with the boy who was physically identical to him in every way, and probably shared many of his thoughts and emotions as well. It would be like having an emotional mirror, he had decided long ago. He would lie awake at night sometimes with the feeling that something was missing, and lately that feeling was replaced with excitement at the thought that his mysterious, always absent twin was coming at last.

His twin's name was Noriko. Otori Noriko. He had said it so many times in his head and even out loud when he was alone that it was almost an entity in itself. Noriko. It was a name that held more significance than any other he had ever encountered, and he hadn't even met its holder. He knew that their mother's pregnancy had been an accident, and that marriage was not an option for their parents. He had heard in bits and pieces from his father how he had taken Akira and their mother had taken Noriko off into her whirlwind life of global travel and exciting madness. He was glad, of course, to have been brought up in his father's life of practicality and courteousness rather than in the insanity of his mother's, but it didn't make it any less irritating that they had separated the twins in the first place.

"Who in their right mind would separate twins?" he had asked his best friend Ran on many occasions. Ran would only shrug and offer some small form of sympathy in the way only he could. But of course it wasn't enough. When it came to that shadowy figure in his vision that he had not seen since he was an infant, nothing was enough. He had met twins before, he knew vaguely of their secret world that was theirs alone. He ached for a world like that, where life was not spent alone and he was not constantly surrounded by those who did not make any effort to understand him.

The large, ornate clock on the other side of the room chimed noon, and he squirmed slightly in his seat and tried to keep his attention focused on the textbook set out on the table in front of him. It was impossible, however, and by the time the clock read 12:15 he was pacing madly around the room. He found himself moving down to the ground floor to pace in the parlor so he could have easier access to the front door. By the time the clock read 12:30, he was sitting at the foot of the stairs in the entrance hall having a staring contest with the impatient blonde boy who looked back at him from the mirror on the wall. And finally by 12:45 when there was a knock on the door he was pacing a foot away from it and pounced on the knob in an uncharacteristically overzealous manner.

On the other side of the door he came face to face with a pair of blue eyes that he had only seen in the mirror in the past. Long dyed violet hair flowed past those familiar eyes, hanging into them in an undignified manner. Akira stared in surprise at the tiny blue heart tattoo below his twin's eye, at the bizarre and brightly colored clothing hanging from his twin's thin frame, and at his soft ears, the fur of which had been dyed a bright, garish pink. He was, altogether, quite an odd sight to behold.

"Akira!" in seconds the blonde was on the ground with the force of the intrusive hug Noriko forced on him, and he sat perched on his chest with his long violet hair tickling Akira's cheeks as he beamed at him. Akira could do little more than cough slightly due to the weight on his chest and stare up into his face, his own black ears pressed back against his head from the sheer shock of the moment. So this was his twin… this was the person he had waited for his entire life. He certainly wasn't what Akira had expected. The moment was far too overwhelming for him to function, let alone speak. "It's you! HIIIIII!"

"Should I get your bags, Noriko-kun?" asked Ishida, looking slightly uncomfortable. Ishida was a close friend of the Otoris' father, and helped out whenever he was needed. Today it seemed he as the one in charge of making sure Noriko got safely to the house, and he didn't look particularly like he was enjoying his task.

"Naw, I'll get them! Ishida-san, was it?" Noriko said as he rushed past Ishida and hurried toward the car they had arrived in. "And then we can start catching up, okay Akira?" he scampered quickly down the path, his bright pink tail flicking happily as he moved.

"Alright," Akira said shakily, finally finding his voice though still significantly off-balance. His ears slowly lifted from where they were pressed against his head as he began to relax slightly. Ishida cast him a look that voiced his own surprise at the fact that the well-behaved and civil Akira could have a twin who was so utterly overpowering. Akira was inclined to agree, but Noriko had already reached his side again by then and was carrying a suitcase in one hand as he used the other to pull Akira into the house.

"What in the world is wrong with this boy?" Akira found himself wondering as the shut the door behind them.

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